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If you have their insurance information, go directly to their carrier. If you don't have the information, you may have to go through your own insurance and let them fight it out for you.

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Can you refuse to have an insurance company carry out repairs to your van and do them yourself after an rta?

after an insurance company is involed after a road traffic accident can i refuse thier offer and do the repairs myself

In the event of an automobile accident may your auto insurance coverage be denied if it is revealed that you have incorrect personal information within your current policy ie address ie violations?

Yes, insurance companies will use any reason to get out of paying for an accident. If they find incorrect information on your policy, they will cancel it and refuse to pay for any accidents.

How can you locate a person's insurance company when they refuse to tell you who it is?

if it is regarding an accident call the police they cant refuse to tell them(they probably dont have one if they wont tell you)

How can you get someone's auto insurance information if they are at fault in an accident and refuse to give it to you?

Assuming there was no police report filed, you will have to do the work yourself. Get a lawyer and an investigator and file a lawsuit. Provide the information to your insurance carrier. They can normally get the insurance information from the State DMV using the license plate number of the vehicle that hit you. Keep the license plate number and call the police. The police have all the information. They can find out the information of that car instantly, given the plate number.

Can insurance company refuse to pay if wrong VIN?

if your insurance agent had entered the wrong vin number in when getting you insurance by one digit and they issued you a policy and have been driving around under the assumption you had insurance and get in an accident?? who is liable??

Insurance accident forgivness works when applicant lied about owning home?

An Insurer can void your policy and refuse coverage if it is determined you Intentionally lied on your auto insurance application. Fraud by Misrepresentation.

How do i get commercial property insurance they refuse to give that information?

Just contact your insurer of choice and ask for a quote.

Will my health insurance refuse to pay if I am in an accident and if I don't have car insurance?

Your health insurance will cover you no matter how you got hurt. I can take a knife and stick it in my arm and go to the hospital and my health insurance will cover me. The only times your health insurance will not cover you is if you have specific exemptions in your coverage, which are rare.

Can your insurance company do anything if none of the drivers involved a car wreck gave information?

It really depends on how reasonable they are. If you are in an accident and the other party or parties refuse to give information regardless of who is at fault, then CALL THE POLICE because a police report is the best weapon against anyone involved in the crash trying to change their story later. If you're not at fault for an accident and you have no other information on anyone else, your insurance company may be suspicious about that and could quite possibly reject your claim or pay it but make it a chargeable account to YOUR POLICY.

What is the worst that can happen if you let someone with a suspended license drive your car?

They'll have an accident that is their fault, the insurance company will refuse to pay, the driver of the vehicle and the owner will be sued for everything they own and then some. Or they will be in an accident that is not their fault but the person who owns the vehicle will have their insurance cancelled and will have to pay a fortune for future coverage.

Am I required to carry PIP car insurance in Texas?

Insurance companies in the state of Texas are required to offer you PIP insurance, and you can refuse to purchase this. In the state of Texas, you are required to pay any damages you make in an accident so PIP is handy just in case.

Can a dentist refuse your insurance?

Sure he can if his practice does not take that particular insurance.

Is against the law or employer to refuse health insurance?

It is not against the law for an employer to refuse health insurance to their employees. Many companies and major corporations do offer health insurance through health benefits administrators, which are part of the HR department of the company you work for. You might want to get more information about this for your company or from the health benefits administrator of your company.

Should a surviving relative drive a deceased relative's car?

The title, registration and insurance should be transferred to the new owner. If not and you are involved in an accident you may encounter problems with the insurance coverage and in the worst case scenerio the insurance company may refuse to pay. That would leave you exposed to a lawsuit.

Does a health insurance company have to issue you insurance even if you refuse to sign the medical info release form?

No. If you refuse to let them see your medical records, they don't have to insure you.

Can the insurance company of the person at fault refuse to pay for the damages if their client claims he or she is not guilty?

In a case of word vs word and no witness or other proof on either side, the insurance company has a responsibility to their insured and must take their version of the accident, in which case, they would deny the claim to the other party in the accident. what if the at fault driver admits her fault but insists to settle outside of her insurance, but meanwhile refuses to pay for the damages

Can insurance company make an individual sign a form releasing their protected health information?

They can't make you sign anything, but they can refuse to provide coverage.

What car insurance company offers coverage with no deposit?

Almost any car insurance company may sometimes allow people to purchase insurance without a deposit. However, they may also refuse if the information provided is not acceptably risk-free enough.

Someone hit my car have witnesses and they are denying it what do you do?

Demand their insurance information, if they refuse call the police. Other than that, get a lawyer and take them to court - it is a civil matter.

Can an insurance company discriminate against drivers of their own vehicles for delivery jobs in Florida?

Yes. Insurance companies can refuse to insure someone if they feel the vehicle will be used in an "at risk manner." Someone doing delivery service is more likely to have an accident, because of the increased driving.

How do you lose your insurance coverage?

Most insurance companies will refuse to renew if you have had significant losses or traffic violations.

If you have your CDL learners permit can you drive on private property without anyone in truck with you?

You won't get ticketed on private property, but if a claim has to be filed for an accident which ensues from an unlicenced driver operating solo on private property, that insurance company may refuse the claim, and even refuse to further ensure that truck or fleet.

Can a insurance refuse take your car when they claimed total loss on your car in California?

Yes, insurance can refuse to take your car when they claim a total loss on it. They would just have to take it to a junkyard from there anyway.

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