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you can jump the low presur switch , but it can damage the a/c compessor which cost about 200 dollars to replace

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Q: How can you get the AC clutch on a 1985 Pontiac that is low on freon to kick on?
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1995 lasabra ac clutch wont kick on?

low freon

Where is the computer in a 1985 Pontiac firebird?

behind passenger side front kick panel

1990 GMC AC problem-Compressor shuts down and after cooling it will come back on Power plug to the clutch has the 12 volts but will not kick the clutch Is clutch bad or the electronic dash control?

I just did a entire ac replacement for the 1990 gmc sierra. You can use a test light to test the plug that is located at the top of the compressor. If it does not light up, you more than likely have a bad electronic dash control. Most importantly the clutch will not engage if the freon is low, so check your freon levels before you do anything. Hope this helps.

How do you shift down on a 1 down 3 up motorbike?

Shut the throttle. Pull in your clutch. Kick the gear lever down. Let out the clutch. More advanced: Shut the throttle. Pull in your clutch. Kick the gear lever down. Blip the throttle - let out the clutch.

What is the location of the condenser on a 1998 Bonneville when putting in the freon it leaks out before it gets to the ac unit is this why the compressor doesnt kick on?

the ac condensor on a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville is right in front of your radiator not hard to change at all.

Will the compressor kick on even if there is no freon on a 1996 dodge ram 1500?

It should not run with no freon. There is a low pressure switch to keep that from happening.

What speed does the Automatic overdrive kick in on a Pontiac grand Am SE?

at what speed does over drive kick in

What would make air conditioning compressor kick on and off?

Low freon

What would make a 1980 KZ750 kick start jam in neutral I removed stator cover and wrenched the crank it turns fine. Clutch in kick start cranks but not the engine. Was running great?

If i understand correctly when you have the clutch lever pulled in and try to kick start it the kick start spins freely. I also have that same issue it has to be in neutral with clutch let out then kick it over, maybe a safety thing

How would you fix a really high clutch engagement point What you mean is that the car wont kick in until the clutch is about 95 pulled out?

if there is a clutch adjustment on car, adjust the clutch if no adjustment, you will shortly need to replace the clutch

How do you ride a quad?

It depends on what quad you are riding. If you are riding a honda(2005 and under) you must first hold the clutch and then kick start it. After that first gear is down and the rest are up. Remember you must hold the clutch when switching gears. Same goes for other quads except the part where you kick start it but you must still hold the clutch kick start

Air conditioner not working?

All fuses look good, compressor won't kick on, attempted to put freon in gauge on bottle went all the way over and would not take freon, any guesses? All fuses look good, compressor won't kick on, attempted to put freon in gauge on bottle went all the way over and would not take freon, any guesses?

What makes a 1985 suzuki rm 125 not kick with the kick start?

piston get stucked in the cylinder

In a Pontiac Sunfire does the radiator fan automatically kick on when you turn on your air?

Yes it will.

Why does your 2003 Silverado get louder with the AC on?

You may be hearing the fan clutch kick on, which is normal.

Where is the inertia switch on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?

its on the kick panel to the left of the clutch pedal

How do you use a clutch on a four wheeler?

its really simple all you do is pull in the clutch kick down the shifting bar which is right under your left foot and to shift up kick it up and to shift down hit it down simple is int it

Why does your kick start not go down anymore on your dirt bike?

blown up buddy blown up buddy Might be :But if this dirt bike has a clutch try putting it in second gear and pushing it with the clutch in then when you get it moving fast as you can let the clutch out .If the motor turns over your kick start is probably jammed might have something gamed in it .

When does the governor kick in on a 1998 Pontiac sunfire gtx?

it kicks in around 180 km

How do you start a ktm 65 in gear?

pull the clutch in and kick it over, or roll it down a hill

How to put 134A into system ....clutch on ac compressor not engaged when ac is turned on.....maybe ac compressor has to be jumped if so how can i jump it to make clutch engage thank you?

once you`ve evacuated the 22a freon,add the 134a using the adaptor provided with the kit.the compressor won`t activate when the system is low on freon.turn your ac on max with engine running add 134a,when freon pressure gets high enough the compressor will kick on.the fact that it`s not engaging would indicate a leak in the can buy freon with dye in it to find the leak.once you`ve found that it`s just a matter of a new o ring usually.

1993 miata the a c compresser will not kick in it's full of freon and i can do it manualy by running a jumper wire to the compesser what is it a relay or the high presser switch?

on my 93 it was where the whires connect to the clutch the white plug in box located on the left side (sitting in the drivers seat ) of the car .follow the clutch wires over it is near the front by the light ..the wires turned green i cleaned them sprayed wd40 on them and pluged them and it worked

When the AC won't kick on where do you first look?

Fuse, low refrigerant, bad compressor clutch, or relay.

Why does your cbr 900 stall when you put it in gear?

The kick-stand switch or clutch lever switch have failed.

Where is the fusebox in a 1991 Pontiac firebird?

I know mine is on the drivers side there is a door in the kick panel