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How can you get the Mystery Gift without an wireless adapter in Pokemon?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-06 22:15:15

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you have to have a adapter

2006-09-06 22:15:15
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Q: How can you get the Mystery Gift without an wireless adapter in Pokemon?
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How do you get mystery gift in Pokemon Emerald without wireless adapter?

There is no way to get Mystery Gift without using the Wireless Adapter. Sadly, the events for Pokemon Emerald are expired and there will be no more events for this game.

Can you activate the mystery gift without wireless adapter in Pokemon emerald?


How can you get the mystic ticket without the Nintendo event?

wireless adapter, mystery gift option, and a person who has Pokemon emerald

How can you use the mystery gift without a wireless adapter?

You can't.

How do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon emerlad without a wireless adapter?

You can get an e-card for an event, but without that or a wireless adapter it is impossible.

Can you use the mystery gift without the wireless adapter?

i don't think so....

How do you get mystery gift on Pokemon emerald without adapter?

You can't.

Can you trade Pokemon between emerald and firered without a wireless adapter?


How do you get your Pokemon from emerald to ruby without a wireless adapter?

Buy a link cable

How do you get internet for xbox 360 without the wireless adapter?

you buy the wireless adapter

How do you get the Mystic Ticket on Pokemon Emerald without wireless adapter?

Its not possible to get any other way.

Is it possible to trade Pokemon without a wireless adapter in pearl?

yes its possiple theres people in houses that you can trade with out wireless connextoin

Can you trade from Pokemon LeafGreen to Pokemon Emerald without a wireless adapter or connecter cable?

actually i dont want to say this but NO

How do you get a mareep in Pokemon LeafGreen fire red?

You can only get a Mareep by using a Wonder Card which is used in Mystery Gift and with the Wireless Adapter that alters the Pokemon inside Altering Cave allowing you to catch a Mareep, Teddiursa, Houndour, Stantler, Pineco, and Zubat (Which is the only Pokemon you can catch without Mystery Gift.).

Can you trade between Pokemon LeafGreen and sapphire without wireless adapter?

I have beaten both Pokemon leafgreen and Pokemon sapphire, and I can not trade at all. I am using a universal Gameboy Advance link cable, and I want to know if I need a wireless adapter or not, or if something else is amiss.

How can you get to island 8 without a wireless adapter?

you cant

How do you get a aurora ticket without a wireless adapter?

you dont :(

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon fire red without a wireless adapter?

u cant u have to have mstery gith and 4 connected players

Can Mystery Gift and Mystery Events be used without Wireless Adapters?


do you want a wireless adapter cards?

you will want a wireless adapter card if you want to access the internet from your laptop. will only need a router with wireless capabilities in order for you to surf without the hassles of wires.

Is it possible to trade and or battle playing Pokemon Fire Red on the PlayStation Portable without link cable or wireless adapter?

sorry to disapoint you but it is not possible

How get Deoxys without a wireless adapter?

Go to a Live Event or use Gameshark

Does the wireless adapter work between Game Boy advanced SP and Nintendo DS?

No. There is no port on the Nintendo DS that supports the wireless adapter. Therefore, communicating with the Gameboy Advanced SP is impossible. You may argue that the DS itself has wireless capability and should link up without the adapter, but no. Games which use the wireless adapter in the SP cannot work with the DS (even in slot 2) wireless network. Try it. It simply asks you to insert the wireless adapter. And you can't do that on the DS.

Can Xbox live on a wireless laptop?

Search for xbox without wireless adapter and you will see videos on how to do just that.

Can desktops use wireless home broadband?

If a wireless adapter is attached to it, then it should. However, many desktop computers will not accept wireless internet without the adapter, simply due to the point that it is somewhat unnecessary as a desktop is not easily portable.