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First you go to Petalburg Town and talk to the guy who is next to the PC. Then you talk to him and he will say to give me your profile and say yes. Put "Mystery Event is Exciting". Then save and turn off your gameboy and turn it back on and you will see above the option screen "Mystery Events". An mystery is an clue finder hunt to find out what ever you are looking for or searching for. P.s An Mystery is kind of like an trager hunt where you try to find out where and how you got there From DARSHAY

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Q: How can you get the Mystery event?
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How do you get the Mystery Event after you have the Mystery Gift in Pokemon dimiond?

on certain days activate the mystery gift and you may get an event

What mystery gift is the azure flute?

its from a Nintendo event not a mystery gift and you get it from a event hosted by Nintendo

How do you get mystery event in ruby?

talk to the man next to the PC in petalburg city tell hi Mystery event is exciting save and turn off your game and press a on mystery event.

Is it true that if you have the mystery gift in emerald you can get the aurora ticket?

yea but i think you have to go to a Nintendo event then theyll give it to you through mystery event. you can also do stuff with your friends through mystery event

How do you get mystery event in Pokemon Emerald?

to get mystery event finish the Pokemon league and go to petalburg city then talk to the boy standing near PC and write "mystery event is exciting"then save restart the game you see a new option called mystery event

How do you get mystery gift event?

Go to a Pokemon event.

How do you use the mystery event button in Pokemon sapphire?

to bad buddy to use the mystery event button you have to be in a Pokemon event and wait in the year 2004

In Pokemon sapphire when you go on mystery gift it says link standby what does this mean and what is the mystery event?

Isn't the mystery gift for obtaining gifts... well if you click on it then if there is like a mystery event that day you actually get a mystery gift... i think

Mystery gift ruby?

There's no "Mystery Gift" in Ruby, but there is a "Mystery Event". To activate it, go to the guy in the Petalburg City Pokemon Center who accepts profiles. Use this as your profile: "Mystery Event Is Exciting".

How do you spell mystery?

That is the correct spelling of "mystery" (an unknown or unexplained event).

What does a mystery have to have for it to be a mystery?

an event which cannot be explained with reasonable present information

Is it possible to use the Mystery Event without an e-reader in Pokemon?

Yes, you need a link cable and a friend who has the Mystery Event.

Where do you get a Mystic ticket for Pokemon Emerald without a Nintendo Event?

You actually can. You just need to use mystery event or mystery gift.

Can you get a mystic ticket with a mystery gift?

You had to be to the time and place where the event took place and download it from Mystery Gift, the event is over now.

Where to get an aurora ticket by using mystery event in Pokemon sapphire?

Go to any game store that's holding the mystery event.

Can you get a mystery gift event if you miss the deadline?

Yes put your clock to the event time and do what the event

What do you do after pressing on mystery event?


How do you use mystery event in Pokemon Sapphire?

If you got the cheat in Pokemon sapphire you used mystery event if its working. here is your cheat code. mystery event: 2d556f1sf99 3862w257s 249da87099 129488t76

How do you get mew on emerald version?

you have to get it in the Nintendo event or use a wireless adapter to get the mystery gift working and the event will be right in your mystery gift. You will continue talk to a guy and he will give you the event items

How the get diffent event on mystery gift?

you have to wait for another event to come up

How do you get mystery gift on platinum?

there is no mystery gift on platinum there is onlu Nintendo event downloads

How do you get different items on mystery gift?

u only get different items on mystery gift when it is a different mystery gift event

How do you use Pokemon events?

1.go to 2.go to the news icon 3.look to see if a mystery event in your area. 4.go to the mystery event. you now have the event.

How do you get mystery events in sapphire?

if you can't do your mystery event use this. Master Code: 40FACA3962059 MYSTERY EVENT: 48A7990226J59 5IE6028GK3968

When is the Nintendo mystery event of arceus?

in 2010