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What you have is called "Hormones". This will make you do irrational things. Suggest you stay away from the guy. He's too old for you and you're liable to do something you'll regret later.

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Why do people put limes in lakes?

Because depression makes them. I saw my friend put tomatoes in a lake once. Not pretty.

What should you do if you have depression and you don't want to tell anyone?

If you don't tell anyone it will only get worse. Try talking to your best friend about what's bothering you or find something that makes you so happy that the depression goes away.

Is there a medical problem that makes you want to kill everyone like a voice in your head?

Yes. Bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, etc. It is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

What makes a dog depressed?

When its owner keeps it at home in a cage or just in the house alone and doesn't examples are like not giving it attention, feeding it or taking it down to the park for a walk with no interactions with it, it may just fall into depression and maybe die care much about it. Some examples are like not giving it attention, feeding it or taking it down to the park for a walk with no interactions with it, it may just fall into depression and maybe die

What makes the blues different from other music?

It was created in the great depression to show depression and it's sad music.

What type of friend that makes you hate someone?

a bad friend

Who makes a good friend?

me :)

What is another word for lack of focus?

ADD, or attention deficit disorder is a disorder that makes someone loose attention. You could use attention deficit.

What is the tiny pit or depression?

Depression is the feeling you get when something makes you sad or down. Parts of depression is anxiody, sadness, lost of intrest, laziness, and thoughts of killing yourself. if you have problems with depression, see a counsler or a doctor and maybe get a prescription of anti-depression medications.

What does depression really do to someone?

Depression is caused by a variety of chemical imbalances in the brain. It makes people feel really, really sad.

Does fatigue have a causal link with depression?

Fatigue could just be a lack of sleep, but depression makes you less motivated and more apathetic.

What would it be called if someone likes depression not for attention or anything just because they started to like it?

me ... i like it cuz it makes me mello... i dont have to talk to anyone or be happy or sad or mad and i still have normal friends (not emoo ppl ect...)

What is an anticyclone and a depression?

a depssion is a waterfall and a anticyclone is what makes the weather to change

How does Prozac treat depression?

It puts your hormones in balance and makes you happy!

Which is better to use between got depress or got depression?

Well, to me depression makes grammatical sense, like 'I have depression', it is the same with 'I am depressed', grammatically 'I am depress' or 'I have depress' doesn't make sense.

Is a friend that makes you do drug a good friend?

A person that makes you do drugs is not a friend, and should be reported to the police. Drugs can kill you, or make you an addict. Stay away from anyone who wants you do to drugs.

In the play The Merchant of Venice who lifts antonio's depression or what makes him happy?

he was sad

What should you do if your friend flirts with your crush?

if it makes you uncomfortable talk to your friend if she is your friend then she will understand that it bothers you and she will stop doing it

What are some example sentences using the word depression?

Here are some example sentences using the word depression:After his wife died, he went through a long period of depression.Each crater on the Moon is a depression caused by a meteor impact.The more severe form of an economic recession is called a depression.A tropical depression may develop further into a tropical storm, or even into a hurricane.The tiny fox kit was hiding in a depression in the ground.

What to do if your friend does not like your girlfriend?

well it does not really mater what your friend thinks its what makes you happy

What makes a good friend-?

A good friend will never judge you, always be there for you, and help you with problems.

What makes a good friend into a friend?

If he or she starts taking you for granted. Or you don't effect them anymore.

What makes a best friend?

Loyalty & Reliability.

Which apricorn makes a friend ball?


What makes a life better or worse?

When sombody makes fun of you makes your life worce and sombody being a friend makes you happy