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Look in the trunk- there ought to be an emergency release- you might have to pull the trunk's liner back a bit to access this cable with a tab attached to it.

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Q: How can you get the gas door open without using the cable?
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How do you make a door open using pulleys?

Garage doors are often pulled open by pulleys. A cable is connected to the bottom of the garage door, sent through two wheels, the latter of which is usually situated with a chain, then the other end of the cable is tied securely in place. the wheel is then pulled, causing the cable to pull up on the door.

How do you get the gas door that will not open when the release is pulled to open on 1993 Toyota 4runner?

Find the place where the cable runs from the opener to the door. check if its broke somewhere. You can also pull on the cable at the door itself and see if it will open.

The sliding door on the passenger side will not open all the way the power will not work at all and when opening without power it only opens 6 inches then stops Please Help?

the reason the door will only open part way is because there is a steel cable that moves the door and it is binding up cut the cable and it will open and close fine But, of course, now you have a manual door only since the opening and closing mechanism has been destroyed by cutting the cable. Instructions for removing the cable (uncut) and the whole power door motor mechanism from the inside rear wall are available in the vehicle service manual and power door supplement. You can replace the mechanism or be happy with a manual door. Usually the cable jams when someone manually forces the door open (or closed) and the slack part of the cable jumps off the pulleys.

What is Password based door locking system?

Such a system refers to one that uses a password to open or close specific doors using a password. Without the correct password, the door will not open.

How do you reset the key less entry on a 2005 dodge magnum?

Remove a battery cable for about 5 min. While waiting to install it open the drivers door. Install cable without shuting the door lock it with the lock button on the door panel(power door lock button), now shut the door and unlock it with the key.. This should work it did for me

Fors Fiesta inside door handle won't open the door what is wrong?

Cable probably snapped

Where do you plug the computer test cable in a 2005 dodge sprinter?

go to the driver side door and look for the latch to open the hood. no need to open the hood, look above it and you will see a small door with a flip cover towards the back. open the door and connect the computer cable or what not.

How do you open a door in minecraft without breaking it?

just tap the door

How do you get the fuel tank door open manually on a 1999 volkswagen beetle?

By the light in the trunk of the car there is a hand sized panel. Inside there is a cable with some foam around it. Pull the cable and the door should pop open.

How do you open rear side door 1998 ford e250 cargo van with a broken wire?

Broken wire, or broken end connector ? If the cable (wire) is still in tact, just grab the effected cable and pull the cable, while pulling on the door handle release. The cable will then pull the latch and open.

How do you open a door without a key?

Try the door handle, it might not be locked.

Why does your garage door opener open on its own without pushing the open switch or the remote switch?

Some one else is using the same frequency as you are using. Change your controller code as per your instruction sheet.

Where is the fuel door release cable in the trunk of your 1989 Camry the door is stuck and you cannot pry it open?

Ok, I could not find the cable but I jammed the cig lighter under the level and it popped right open. and see if this helps

How do you open hood with dead battery?

Every car ever made is just a cable to open the hood. Use your key to unlock the door and pull the cable marked "hood".

How do you access gas door if cable is broken?

Open the trunk, reach into the wheel well on the drivers side. You will find a cable that leads to the fuel lid. At the end of the cable you will be able to feel two plastic tabs, grab them and rotate 1/4 turn. The cable will now pop out and the door will pop open. good luck

2000 mercury cougar that you cant get drivers door open inside or from outside can you get the dr panel off with the door shut you figure problem must be in the latch or cable?

I believe your right about it being the latch or cable. However i don't see getting the door panel off with the door closed. If that was my problem i would get a (SLIM JIM) to trip the mechanism from the outside to get the door open and then you could get the panel off the make your repairs. Be careful because without me knowing if that car has electric actuators for the power door locks you don't want to damage any wires that may be in that so go slow and the door will open...Hope this helps..

Options on door touch Keypad on 1992 maxima?

The door touch keypad on the 1992 Maxima allows the user to open the door without using the key. You are able to use the key to unlock the door if the power locks are not functional.?æ

How do you take a door panel off you car door when the door won't open?

You don't without breaking the door panel.

How open door without key on Montero sport?

How do you unlock door of 2001 Mitsubishi montero sport without a key

My car door shuts tight but won't latch I have checked the throw and it 's down when i shut the door but doen't latch the door shut you can pull it open without using the handle?

Get a new car you loser.

How do you open your door without a key?

Destroy the doortry to knockremove the door knobcall police

How do you complete mission 9 on moshi monsters?

go to the cable car and open the door on the bottom

How to fix when 1984 Chevy Celebrity door latch won't open to close door?

lift door handle, using screwdriver, move latch forward....will open

How do open the minotaur door on poptropica?

You play (using your instrument) the notes in correct order that are on the door.

How do you open a locked room door without a key?

you get a pencil