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  • To prevent the green in your hair from a pool, just put hair conditioner on it before swimming (like some kind out of the shower nothing fancy). This works really well.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo for chlorine/buildup. It will work just as well. Examples would be Paul Mitchell Shampoo One, Joice KPAK Clarifying Shampoo and Red-ken Chemistry Shampoo, Malabo 2000.
  • Put tomato paste all through your hair and let it sit there for at least 30 minutes, then rinse it out. My Mom used to do it for me at the end of every summer.
  • Baking soda. Don't use it everyday, because it will dry out your hair. But when you take a shower after swimming, just add a tablespoon of baking soda to your handful of your regular shampoo and wash your hair normally, followed by conditioner. It will keep your hair from turning green and stop chlorine buildup.
  • After your hair has turned green, you can use ketchup or tomato paste or blended tomatoes as a hair mask before shampooing. Since green is opposite red on the color wheel you can use something red. Just like if you had a little redness under your eye, the makeup artist will give you a green tinted moisturizer to eliminate or neutralize the red. Make sure you shampoo twice.

On using baking soda with regular shampoo - I am a brunette, and I've had problems with chlorine for years but I no longer want to keep my hair short. I tried using 1 tbsp of baking soda with regular shampoo (nothing special, just a regular drug store buy) and a good conditioner (again, nothing fancy). It works like a charm, really. My hair hasn't been in this condition for ages. I swim about 5 times a week in a chlorinated pool. As long as you leave it in at least 30 seconds (mix baking soda into shampoo just before you use it). Then after a thorough rinse, condition and leave conditioner in for about 1 minute and voila! A beautiful head of healthy chlorine-free hair!

It would be better to avoid green hair. Do not use a copper based algaecide in the pool water, and keep chlorine level below 5 ppm.

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Q: How can you get the green out of your hair after swimming in a pool?
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How long does green hair last from swimming in a pool?

Not aware that a swimming pool had green hair.

Will you hair go green if you go swimming after you dye your hair?

The chlorine in the swimming pool caused your hair to turn green

How to get the green out of hair from swimming pool?

You can buy a chlorine removing shampoo.

How do you get green out of a child's hair from swimming pool?

the chlorine make blond hair turn green. if you use chlorine shampoo it should get it out.

Does recently bleached hair go green in swimming pool?

Hair bleaches in the pool not because of the chlorine, but because of the metals and copper in the water. If the pool has a high concentration of metals and copper, then yes, it will appear or turn a faint green.

If you swim and rinse your hair right after will it still turn green?

If you suffer from 'green hair' after swimming, there are special shampoos you can buy to prevent this ROM happening. Always wash hair and shower after using a swimming pool, as they are full of chemicals.

Why would a salt water swimming pool turn blonde hair green?

It is not the salt water pool or the salt water that is turning your hair green. It is a poorly maintained pool with a chemical imbalance - pH and total alkalinity out of required parameters.

Does swimming ruin your hair color?

Yes, if you are swimming in a pool that has chlorine in it. Some other chemicals added to swimming pools to clean the water react with your hair. It can turn blond hair green and it can change the color if you have dyed or rinsed your hair color.

Can aspirin fix green hair?

If it is a green tint from a swimming pool then yes it does help - DO NOT EAT IT! Let about 6-8 tablets dissolve in water then wash your hair with it.

Will sun-in turn your hair green when you swim?

Sun-In will not turn your hair green if you swim. The reason that hair will turn green when swimming is due to the chemicals in the pool. When your hair is damaged, the chemicals soak in and that is what causes the color change.

How do you get the green out of your hair from the pool?

Don't green hair is cool

What is a chemical change involving hair?

umm.....if you put lemon juice on your hair, then go in a swimming pool your hair turns green. this is because the lemon juice reacts with the chlorine

How do you get the green blue water clear in a swimming pool?

You have to get the metal out of your pool.

Does non permament hair dye come out in the swimming pool?

Yes and the swimming pool will make it fade much faster.

What makes your hair turn green in a swimming pool?

It's only in old swimming pools, and it's not chlorine, it's the old copper pipe system in the pools that turn it!

What is the maximum occupancy for Asphalt Green swimming pool?


How do you get green colour out of swimming pool water?


Is salt water pools good for you?

Yes, they are much better than chlorine. I would be cautious about entering a salt-water pool if you have dyed your hair blonde, I've experienced my hair turning green after swimming in a pool of salt water. It's basically like swimming in the ocean.

Does swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool damage your hair?

Yes, because the chlorine dries out your hair causing it to become brittle and fall out. It wont, unless you wash your hair after swimming.

Does swimming make your hair dry?

Yes, the chlorine in pools dries out your hair. Try swimming in a saline pool or out in the ocean.

Why does your hair turn green when I go Swimming?

it only happens to people who have blond hair, the clorine in the pool turn it green, its just like when u mix two colours together they turn a different colour

What is the green stuff growing on the side of the swimming pool?

green mold, probably

If you wait over a week to go swimming after dying your hair will it turn green?

To be on the safe side take a sample of the pool water to a pool shop tell them your concern and they Will be able to give you the answer.

What pH should a pool be?

a swimming pool it should be neutral pH ie green

Can chlorine in a swimming pool cause hair loss?