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If such a 'medicine' exists, it's absolutely, completely, a load of horsecrap. There's a locally available version, anyway. It's called a Big Mac. If there is any medicine outside of the U.S. , you might want to consider inquiring to a Govt. official to see if you can legally purchase the drug . If you fail to do so , the U.S. Govt. may prosecute you , because youre At Fault and you violated the U.S. Customs Trades Agreement. Hence "Spanish Fly" is sold in the U.S. yet its a gimick sold at novelty stores yet the only country that i know of that makes the real stuff is Mexico , if a U.S. resident purchases the real Spanish Fly from a Mexican resident residing in Mexico , then the buyer which resides in the U.S. may indeed be prosecuted by U.S. officials. Before you buy any drug from over seas , you may want to consult a lawyer familiar in U.S.Customs Trades Agreememnts.

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Q: How can you get the medicine from India that makes your butt bigger?
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