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SOMETIMES U can smack the inside door panel (very hard) with the OPEN palm of your hand approx.2 where the window motor is.OR take off the door panel & smack the motor with a RUBBER mallet.

Sometimes you can remove the pwr. window switch and 'jumper' the contacts. Had a Grand Prix that was notorius for this, and this procedure kept me dry on many a wet day! Good-Luck!

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:41:38
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Q: How can you get the power window up on a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse until you have time to diagnose the problem when it has failed in the down position?
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What causes a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0 to shake and turn off?

I have the same problem on my Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 1995. Seems to be a problem in Map sensor. I was also told it might be the ECU

What is the problem if your Mitsubishi eclipse won't start but its not the fuel pump?

Im new to the eclipse game, but my eclipse had the same problem. Are you getting fire to the coil. If not check the sensor on the back of the motor under the intake, possibly the throttle position sensor, im not sure what the name is but it works, i promise.

Why won't my Mitsubishi eclipse reverse won't go in gear?

the problem is clearly that your driving an eclipse.. you shoud look into trading it in on a Honda

If a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse turn signal lights blinks to fast what can be possible problem?

One of the bulbs is burnt out.

What does an orange light indicator mean on a Mitsubishi eclipse?

service engine soon you have a problem with your car that your ECM has detected

Why would a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse stall when you slow down?

I had the same problem with my Eclipse it was the spyder turbo i had put cheap gas in it. went to 93 octane had no problems.

How do you reset the SRS light in a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The light is on because there is a problem. Bring it in and get it looked at. That SRS could save your life someday.

Check engine light Mitsubishi eclipse?

i have a 1994 eclipse with a 1.8 we replaced the head gasket and timeing belt now it sputters at low rpms an the check engine light is on what could be th problem ?

Your 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse has a check engine light problem it stays on The computer code is P1494 you have changed the purge valve and even a new computer Several mechanics and no one can fix it?

have the dealership take a look at it, tell you what the problem is! Once you know what the problem is go back to your cheaper mecanic and let him know what it is. Ask for a discount as he himself was unable to diagnose the problem,or considering in some states the dealership will charge a price just to check it out!! The trained tech at a Mitsubishi dealer/repair center will fix it right the first time..

Can you swap a 1995 eclipse turbo engine into a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS?

Yes, you can, but there is a chance that you will need to change transmission and everything what is going inside the engine. The problem is that Mitsubishi engine parts from different engines are not compatible (it can be turbo Japanese engine, or non-turbo crysler engine and so on).

How do you troubleshoot a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Use the troubleshooting guide. Plus, check for bulletins. I believe there's an inhibit relay problem that may be applicable here.

1995 Mitsubishi eclipse gs cutting out vehicle sputters and dies out will be driving and it will suddenly die then catch itself and run again with no problem over 4100 rpms is this the mpi relay?

Hi there I'm no car expert but my Mitsubishi Eclipse 95 was giving me the same problem, after 2 months of mechanics trying to figure it out they discovered it was the fuel filter so probably u should have that checkedToni

How do you open a stuck fuel door latch on a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Flathead screwdriver, put it in an bend, it will pop right out, i had this problem with my 97 eclipse. I had the same, the latch got caught in the plastic string that holds the fuel cap

Both turn signals don't work Mitsubishi eclipse?

i have the exact same problem with my 98 eclipse, alot of people are telling me to check the ground wires on the turn signals, you may wanna check into it. i am, if i figure it out, i will let you know

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee shuts off while driving?

Crank Position Sensor needs to be replaced. I had the same problem and that was the cure. It was hard to diagnose because of the intermittent nature of the problem.

If the battery light keeps coming on and the alternator has been replaced what else could be the problem on 97 Mitsubishi eclipse?

it could mean that you have a loose battery cable that needs to be tightened

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS Hazard lights work but turn signals won't?

Your problem is most likely the turn signal relay im having a problem similar to yours but when my signals wont work neither do my hazards

How do you Diagnose transmission problem?


How do you diagnose erratic idling on a 1988 Honda Accord LXI?

well now, when trying to diagnose a problem or problems, you should probably take it to a professional, who is liscensed to diagnose a problem or problems. B series beouch

What causes a crankshaft position sensor to go bad on 96 eclipse?

If you have a 4g63 motor a common problem is crankwalk, this will damage or break off the sensor.

What does it mean to diagnose?

It means to discover the cause of a problem.

What is the first step to repair a car?

Diagnose the problem.

Have code C1185 how do I diagnose problem?

abs relay

Are there any causes besides a worn synchro or internal transmission problem that might cause a car to pop out of only 4th gear It is a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Broken or worn motor mounts can cause that.

How do you diagnose brake problem on a 1995 mercury sable?

What kind of brake problem(noise,pulling)?