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Eject the tape and flip it over. If the wire on the tape adapter is on the wrong side then there should be a flip cover on the top. Lift it up and move the wire to the other side and insert the tape in the right way.

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Q: How can you get the tape deck that is hooked up to a CD player to switch to the A side and stay there?
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In Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments can you switch decks between rounds?

No, but this is where the Side Deck comes into play. The side deck is composed of exactly 15 cards and is kept beside a player at all times. Between rounds in a tournament, a player can switch his/her side deck's cards out with his regular deck's cards as long as after the switch, he shows his next opponent that there are exactly 15 cards in his/her side deck.

What is the point of a side deck in Yu-Gi-Oh?

A side deck is a small pool of up to 15 cards, that you can switch into your deck in between the duels of a match. You have to switch one card out for each you put in, and must revert the deck back to how it was originally before the next match. It is useful because you can put counters to various deck types in there, instead of trying to include them all in your original main deck and possibly slowing it down or making it harder to do its own thing. As an example, take Dimensional Fissure. It might not do anything for your original deck, so there's little reason to use it. However if it is in your side deck, then if you play a deck where it is very useful against, you can side it in after duel 1.

How many cards can be in a side-deck?

You can only have between zero and 15 cards in your Side Deck.

What is a sideboard in Yu-Gi-Oh?

In Yu-Gi-Oh, a sideboard is called a side deck where you put extra cards in to switch out in between duels. However, a side deck must contain 15 cards or 0 cards.

What is a side deck in yu-gi-oh?

In Match Duels (basically, you're playing best out of three with another duelist) a Side Deck can be used. A Side Deck is entirely separate from your main deck of cards and can only hold a max of 15 cards. After a duel is completed, before the next duel starts each player can look at the cards from their Side Deck and swap them with cards in their Main Deck. Cards included in the Side Deck would be ones to counter and adjust your strategy now that you have seen your opponent's deck in action. You might want to include extra Spell/ Trap removal against this one strategy or remove a card from your deck that doesn't function well against your opponent. In any case, cards taken out of the Side Deck must be replaced with cards from your Main Deck and vice-versa. Once players are done, the second duel begins. If there is a need to go into the third a final duel, each player can exchange cards in their Side Decks again if wanted.

Can gearfried the swordmaster be summoned out of your side deck?

During a Duel, your side deck is untouchable, nothing can affect it. Only in between the Duels in a Match, can side deck cards be switched with main deck cards, and therefore allow them to be used.

What cards go in a side deck?

Typically you put those "just-in-case" cards into your side deck; cards to respond to a variety of deck types. For example, you might include Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror in your side deck for when you go up against a DARK-attribute deck. Including that card in your main deck could prove to be less than optimal if your opponent is not using many DARK monsters.Another use of the side deck (albeit a rare one) is to radically change your deck. The trick here is that your opponent has already seen your deck once and is using their side deck to counter yours. You can throw him/her off by constructing your deck and side deck in such a way that you know which cards to swap out to make your deck run differently (i.e. taking out your effect damage cards to include out-of-play cards).

What kind of circuit is formed when resistors are hooked up side to side?

parallel circuit

How many yugioh cards are in a deck?

Konami has limited the number of cards that can be in each Deck:Main Deck - You can have no less than 40 cards and no more than 60 cards in this Deck.Extra Deck - You can have no more than 15 cards in this Deck. There is no minimum amount.Side Deck - You must have exactly 15 cards in this Deck; no more, no less. You can choose not to have a Side Deck.

91 Honda civic there is a wire that was hooked to the positive or neg cable to battery where do it go it has fuses hooked on it?

the positive side has the fuse

How do you make an unbeatable Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

Although some Decks do have advantages over others, no Deck is completely unstoppable. Each Deck has specific weaknesses and disadvantages, usually in the form of counter-strategy cards. These cards are usually stored in the Side Deck in a tournament, so that a Player can change their Deck to suit their opponent.

How do you do a kickflip on a teckdeck?

i pop the tail of a deck an slide to nose of the deck and the to your side and land

What is the difference between an Extra Deck and a Side Deck?

The Extra Deck is just the new name for the Fusion Deck. It contains all your Fusion and Synchro Monsters. A Side Deck is a group of 15 cards you can swap out in a Match Duel (a best two-out-of-three duel). How it works is after the first duel (or after the second duel if the score is tied), you can swap one or more cards out of your regular deck for the same number of cards from your Side Deck. This helps by adding cards on the spot to counter your opponent's deck.

What is a Magic the gathering side deck?

3.14 SideboardA sideboard consists of a set of cards that are resources for the player outside of the contents of the main deck. The player may use these cards in his or her main deck during all games after the first one in a match.The deck and sideboard must each be returned to their original compositions before the first game of each match.Restrictions on the composition and use of a sideboard can be found in the deck construction rules for a particular format type.

Can a chess player switch pieces with another one he lost?

If you get one of your ponds all the way to the other side.

What is the reason players switch sides in tennis?

Players switch sides in tennis on odd games to ensure fairness. On one side, a player may be forced to look into the sun and have the wind against them while the player on the other side has the wind helping them and the sun behind them. It's not fair to have these sorts of conditions constantly go against one player and for the other, so players switch sides to neutralize any effects from the conditions.

Where on the transmission is the shifter seal on a 1995 3.8v6 camaro?

Remove the shifter cable and switch from the drivers side of the transmission and the seal will be driven over the small shaft and into the transmission case. The shaft is the one that the shifter cable hooked to.

92 ford f250 power locks don't operate from drivers side switch ok from passenger side switch?

Bad switch?

How can you determine if their is power at a light switch?

Use a volt meter to measure the voltage to neutral on each side of the switch. By turning the switch on and off and monitoring the voltage on one side and then the other, you can determine the supply and load side of the switch.

How do you wire a 2 pole 208volt motor switch?

The switch will have two termination points at the top or one side called the line side of the switch. The corresponding bottom or other side of the switch will be called the load side of the switch. Terminate the two wires from the distribution breaker to the line side of the two pole switch. Terminate the motor to the two terminals on the load side of the switch. On a motor switch there should be a place where an overload protection can be screwed in. Order the overload heater element to the sizing of the amperage on the motor's nameplate rating.

Where is the cold side of the stoplight switch on a 2005 Chevy silverado?

Use a test light to determine Connect to ground and one side of the switch - if the light illuminates that is the HOT side if light does not illuminate that is the COLD side of switch

What is B T in a baseball roster?

The "B" stands for bats, whether the player hits from the right side or left side or is a switch hitter (S) The "T" stands for throws, whether the player throws righthanded or lefthanded.

What is a sideboard in mtg?

A side board is a set of no less and no more than 15 cards that goes with a certain deck. In between duels in a match (3 duels) you are allowed to swap cards from the primary deck with the side deck that it is assigned.

How many cards are you able to have in Yu-Gi-Oh?

In your Main Deck, you can have a maximum of 60 cards and a minimum of 40 cards.In your Side Deck, you must have 15 cards exactly (you can also choose not to have a Side Deck).In your Extra Deck, you can have a maximum of 15 cards (there is no minimum).

Where do replace oil pressure switch for a 2003 neon?

The oil pressure switch is on the side of the engine near the transmission. The switch screws into the side of the block.