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firing order for any Chevy v-8I am a Chevy owner and racer, the firing order on any Chevy v-8 is as follows: with the distributor rotor pointing to #1 cylinder, and the cap is on, the order is: 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2
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Q: How can you get the timing for a 1994 Chevy V8 5.7L 350 if you dont have a sticker or a manual?
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Where can you find a diagram for a timing belt on a 1994 Toyota 4runner?

There is usually a sticker on the underside of the engine hood. Or sometimes a sticker in front of the radiator. Those being lost you can get one from a repair manual.

What was the original sticker price on the 1994 Chevy Beretta Z26?

about $15,500

Does a 1994 Chevy s10 4.3 liter have a timing belt or a timing chain?


What is the spark plug gap for a Chevy Astro 1994?

Consult the underhood sticker.

How do you rebuild 1994 Chevy 2500 manual transmission?

Refer to your Chilton's manual.

Does a 1994 chevy s10 have a timing belt or chain?


Shop manual for setting timing on 1994 ford ranger pickup?

Haynes or Chilton's manual {NAPA }

Does a 1994 Chevy blazer have a timing belt or chain?

94 has a Chain..

Download 1994 Chevy s10 owners manual?


Timing deg for 1994 Chevy k1500 4x4 350?

all Chevy tbi's are to be set at 0 degrees

How do you set the timing on a 1994 Chevy 350 5.7L?

The timing is electronic controlled. You MUST have an OBDII engine scanner to set the timing to specs. Timing light will not work.

What is correct timing on 1994 Chevy truck?

ZERO TOP Dead center.

Which relay in the maxifuse relay center of a 1994 Oldsmobile Regency 98 is the ignition relay?

There should be a sticker on the inside of the cover according to my owners manual but there is not a sticker on mine.

1994 Chevy s-10 repair manual?

Need to know what the question is.

What is the weight of a 1994 Chevy Cheyenne 4x4 truck?

the GVW should be on the door sticker.... try a manual also everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at the library in the reference section for FREE...make copies of the right pages and fix your vehicle like a PRO! :) good luck Dave :)

Will the radiator from a 1994 Chevy 4.3 liter manual truck fit in a 1998 Chevy 5.0 liter automatic truck?


1994 Chevy cavalier spark plug wire diagram?

The spark plug wiring diagram for a 1994 Chevy Cavalier can be found in a service manual. The manual might be available at your library, or can be bought from most any auto parts store.

What is the gross weight of 1994 Chevy Lumina apv van?

I have a ninety three, and the door sticker said 5125 lbs

Where can you find a diagram of the timing belt assembly for a 1994 Nissan Pathfiner?

in a haynes auto repair manual

What is the Timing order for 1994 Chevy 5.7 Tbi?

starting on driver side front of engine,it is 18436572

What is the timing sequence for a 94 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L non turbo manual transmission?

what is the timing sequence on a 1994 Mitsubishi ecipes 2.0 leader no turbo??

Where can you download a free Chevrolet S10 Blazer repair manual on-line?

Where can I download a free owners manual for chevy blazer S10 1994

How do you put a manual roll up window back on track of a 1994 Chevy Cavalier?

You can put a manual rollup window back on track, in your 1994 Chevy Cavalier, by removing the inside door panel. The window track is easily visible with the door panel removed.

Would you have to replace your motor in your 1994 Chevy caprice ls 350 if it had jumped timing?

Not necessarily, but you will have to pull the timing cover off to see what's going on.

How do you fix an oil leak around the timing chain on a 1994 Chevy Caprice?

An oil leak at the timing chain means that the seals are defective and must be replaced.

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