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How can you get the title for a car you purchased from the owner they gave you a bill of sale and promised to send the signed title to you but never did car is plated in Whyoming you're in colo?

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March 04, 2007 3:18PM

You've called them and no response? You drive to Whyoming and knock on their door. Oh, they've moved. They are still there, but the car has a lien on it. Do not know laws in Whyoming, in Kansas, you can get a power of attorney to use on cars. Need a friendly notory. Sign their name, get a duplicate title and run that. Legal? Kind of gray since you have a bill of sale. I Kansas, a person has 30 days to provide a title. After that they have to return the money. It's going to be a hassle if they don't come up with a title. Lesson learned, NEVER pay for a car without a title. Once they get paid, most people have little or no interest in providing a title.