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If you want a tenant out of the house, but your parents say he/she/them can stay, you need to listen to your parents. Yes, the tenant might be annoying, however, your parents are in charge, so you can't boot this miscreant tenant without their permission. However, talk to your parents, and tell them what is bothering you about this tenant. Ask your parents to talk to her, and tell her if she doesn't shape up, she will face concequences. You don't have to deal with a disrespectful tenant. If, however, her attitude is not the problem, just talk to your parents, and then, face the tenant, and try to understand and tolerate each other. You never know, you just might like her!

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When was Sill Tenant House created?

Sill Tenant House was created in 1870.

Do they let your parents stay in your house in Spain?


If your a runaway and your stay with at your girlfriends house can her parents get in trouble?


When was Furnace Hills Tenant House created?

Furnace Hills Tenant House was created in 1850.

Exile is to deport as tenant is to?


If a tenant pays some of the judgment against him during the eviction process can he stay in dwelling?

Most courts can only allow a tenant to stay if the tenant has the entire arrearage. Some courts won't even do that.

Do they let your parents stay in your house in France?

you don't have you don't wan't to

Isn't every home owner a life tenant?

Legally, a life tenant is someone who has rights to the house only during their lifetime. A life tenant cannot leave the house to anyone by will because they do not have complete rights to the house.

Where is Harry Potter's parents home?

they stay at this big house but there parent die in afire

If there are 2 tenants living in a house and tenant 1 starts a fight with tenant 2 tenant 2 does not fight back Is there anything the landlord can do about tenant 1?

If tenant 1 has assaulted in anyway tenant 2 then the police will be able to do something about it.

Can you move out of your moms house right now even though im 17?

dude your stupid stay in you parents house

The one who lives on rent in a house?

A tenant.

Who's responsibility is it to treat termites by law in Ohio landlord or tenant a house?

Surely it is the responsibility of the landlord unless: - the tenant introduced the termites to the house, or - this responsibility has been specifically assigned to the tenant in a written lease

How do you get your parents to stay upstairs during your party?

Throw the party somewhere else... it's their house!

Do your children have tenant rights?

No, only through the parents. In the US, a minor cannot form a contract, therefore cannot be a tenant.

What did Jackie Robinson's parents do for a living?

tenant workers on a plantation

Who are the tenants at the White House?

The President of the United States is the tenant of the White House.

Do you need a trustee to allow your step farther to stay in the house mother left to you?

A trustee is not needed. However, a good landlord-tenant agreement would be highly advisable.

Can wife who did not live in the house prior to renting to a tenant get the tenant evicted?

She certainly might if she now holds title.

What do you call a person renting a house?

The tenant or leaser.

Do parents have to talk to each other in order for you to go to your best friends's sleepover?

depends if your parents know your friends parents and if they think its safe to stay at that's friends house.

Is it illegal for under 16s to stay at friends houses for a week or more?

No, so long as both the child's parents and the owner of the house agree to the stay.

Can a baby daddy take the mother and his child with him if the mother was kicked out of the house by her parents and can the mother and her child stay with the baby daddy at his parents house?

Unless someone other than the child's parents has legal custody, I see nothing illegal about this.

How long can a tenant stay in the same property?

For as long as they pay their rent

Can a pregnant girl move out of her parents house in California to live with her boyfriend?

Yes, if she has the permission of her parents or a court order. Otherwise she will have to stay until she is 18.

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