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First of all he is having an affair or wants to have an affair.It may involve either sex.He does not want you to know this that's why he wants out.The first thing you need is somebody to talk to about whats going on.Friends are not always the best for this because they will be biased and you will get biased answeres from them.Fell free to contact me at are going to need alot of support but do not pressure him,that's the last thing you want because it will push him away even more.Contact me anytime and I will help you get this situation back in order and save your fees of any kind,Just one person helping another.

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2011-09-13 05:02:51
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Q: How can you get through the break-up of your 20-year marriage if your spouse wants out because he wants to be by himself and you're very hurt and don't know how to quit crying?
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