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I'm a personal trainer. My advice is to lift weights and do strength exercises, like squats and calf lifts. When lifting, I recommend you do one repetition with the most weight you can handle, and repeat for four-five sets. You can also do 8-20 reps at a lower weight, also for four-five sets. As you gain strength, gradually increase your reps to sets of 10, but at the beginning the point is simply to improve your strength.

As far as diet goes, eat a little bit of everything, but mostly focus on carbs. Since carbs can increase fat, do some abdominal crunches, but keep cardio to a minimum because it will be harder to increase muscle mass if you're running a lot.

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Q: How can you get wider hips thicker thighs a bigger butt and bigger calves if your body type is very slender and you don't want surgery?
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How can you get wider hips thicker thighs a bigger butt and bigger calves if your body type is very slender and you don?

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