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A common source of contention between some men and some women is the issue that you just described. Many men just don't like to talk about feelings and emotional issues yet somehow women who "hook up" with them seem to think that they can change that part of their man. If he isn't what you want, go find someone else. If he is someone that you care for, don't try to change him. For the first 20 years of our lives boys and young men are taught that they shouldn't cry, shouldn't express their feelings, "Be a man" usually means to keep our mouth shut about an issue. Couple that with the fact that women tend to bond by "talking", and men tend to bond by sharing experiences it's a wonder that men and women ever get along. Men can be quite content to go fishing, not say a word to their buddy and when they get back they're quite content if the most they've said is "Hey! Look at the size of that BASS!" Women tend to want to talk about things far more than do men. Like him for who he is and don't try to change him.

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Why do you dream about your ex boyfriend when you are married?

The dream suggests that at some level of your mind, you continue to have emotional ties to the ex boyfriend. Alternatively, something may be happening in your marriage relationship that reminds you (on a subconscious level) of similar issue in your previous relationship.

Why do women get emotional When they break up with their boyfriend?

Girls fantasize about being in love and having a family etc. And when their relationship is over, it's sad.

Why would an ex-boyfriend look for you if he's in a relationship with someone else?

Because he is emotionally immature and/or has emotional problems. Best stay clear of him.

Coulde you be pregannt if your boyfriend is getting emotional?


What do you do when you want to kiss your boyfriend and he wants to also but cant?

Why can't he? emotional or physical issues?? emotional

Should you leave your boyfriend of 4.5 years due to suspicion of an emotional affair or should you talk to him first?

* If you have been with your boyfriend for over four years and haven't learned to communicate with each other then your relationship is in serious trouble. You are second guessing your boyfriend which is very unfair and it's to your best interest to talk to him openly (not accuse him) but ask him if he's had an emotional or physical affair or if he's ever thought of it.

Is it true not having a boyfriend will lead to emotional problems?

Not necessarily. Anything can lead to emotional problems in a person's life. Sometimes having a boyfriend will lead to having emotional problems.Many people go through their entire lives single and do not suffer emotional problems.

What is the emotional aspect?

Emotional aspect is how we feel about something internally. The emotional aspect of losing a loved one can be very difficult.

What are the five basic relationships?

* sexual relationship * emotional relationship * mental relationship * sms relationship * long didtance relationship

What do you do when you want ex boyfriend back even if he does not love you?

The fact that he is you ex boyfriend, shows that there was something wrong with the relationship to cause you to break up. Breaking up is always an emotional experience, if he doesn't love you, it would be better to try to move on. Being in a loveless relationship will only cause more heart ache.

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend dreams of having a baby with you?

It might mean that your ex boyfriend continues to have emotional attachments to you and that he longs to develop something new with you, like a relationship or a life together. However, dreams are not proof of true love, and they do not determine your destiny. You are free to make your own choices about this relationship regardless of your ex's dreams.

What is Emotional Strength?

It is when you stay strong, but still get a little emotional during a relationship my opinion that is

Is it bad to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend?

Not necessarily. However, it does show that you are interested in them. Be careful. A girl might be emotional or upset about this, especially if she just go out of a relationship, and isn't totally over it yet.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he loves you but does not want to be together?

If your boyfriend says so, then there are several things that might be happening:He has a crush on someone else and can't decide who to be with.His parents know about your relationship and they don't approve of it.He doesn't wish to hurt your feelings.Other circumstances prevent him from being in a relationship, such as insecurity or an aversion to close emotional contact.

How do you be less emotional in relationship?

well, you can just be less involved with them. don't hang out all of the time and become too attached. but if your in a relationship where you don't want to be too emotional, then maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship with them at all.

Why is emotional stability important in a relationship?

Okay this is coming from my perspective you do not have emotional stability in a long term relationship then you have nothing. You have to trust the person in order to have a successful marriage. If not then you can never be comfortable with them or trust them because you are not secure in your relationship. Emotional stability is just as important as financial stability if not more.

How do you know if your boyfriend is having an emotional affair with his ex girlfriend?

ask him

Who is the patron saint of emotional healing?

There is no patron saint of emotional difficulties or problems but St. Jude is the patron of difficult situations.

What does it mean when you dream of your ex-boyfriend?

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend does NOT mean that he was thinking or dreaming of you. It only means that you continue to have some emotional attachment to him. Although it can be difficult to believe when you are hurting, those emotions will fade in time. Your dreams only reflect your old feelings, and longing for romance. They don't mean anything else at all.

You think your boyfriend is emotionally abusive how do you know?

He will verbally abuse you by saying very hurtful things as well as play head games and constantly toy with your emotional state. It is best to get out of this relationship as soon as possible.

How to get concern from a boyfriend?

The best way to get a reaction from someone is to express your feelings. You need to have open communication with someone that you are in a relationship with. Tell them how you feel. If they do not provide you with the type of emotional connection that you need, maybe he is not the right one for you.

Can boys get jealous of girls?

Totally, if your boyfriend is getting way jealous of everyone you know or talk to, he might actually be controlling you which can lead to emotional and even physical abuse. Get out of that relationship right now! yup

What is it called when an adult has an emotional relationship with a minor?

Statutory Rape

How do you make your boyfriend talk to you?

Good Lord, if your boyfriend doesn't talk to you--GET A NEW BOYFRIEND. or; Hide the remote control for the television. I guarantee a few minutes of emotional discourse if you do.

What should you think if your girlfriend cried when she found out that her ex-boyfriend got married?

That She Was And Is Still In Love With Him I'm not sure I would agree with the previous answer. It could mean many things. As an example, it could simply mean that it was a deep, long lasting, or very emotional relationship, and/or that the breakup was particularly difficult for her. She could simply be experiencing some very emotional memories. I would suggest trying to be understanding and give her some time to deal with what ever is going on.