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You can't do anything. It's his choice and his alone to determine who he wants to be with and how he wants to live his life. That's why it's generally a good idea to plan ahead, know who you want to spend you life with and commemorate with with marriage before bringing a child into the world. Really sorry to hear about this hon, but it happens. Be sure you get the father of your child to pay Child Support. He should be taking on the responsibilities of a father no matter who he is dating or living with. Good luck

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What does it mean to be together?

Usually when talking about people, the term being "together" with someone means they're dating, boyfriend/girlfriend. That type of thing.

Is Miranda Gosgrove dating someone?

She has NO boyfriend.

What is a live in boyfriend girlfriend?

It is when they are dating and they live together.

Difference between aboyfriend and a xboyfriend?

a boyfriend is someone , you are dating or have a relationship with and a ex-boyfriend is someone that was your boyfriend and now isn't.i hope this help out a little bit

Why would a guy whose dating someone keep asking about your boyfriend?

So he could know about there boyfriend

Who is Maryse 's boyfriend?

She is dating someone outside of WWE

What does to go with someone mean?

Like dating someone. Like someone's your girlfriend/boyfriend then your going with them

What is Taylor Swift's boyfriend?

A Taylor Swift Boyfriend is someone currently dating the country/pop singer Taylor Swift.

Could you ask if your boyfriend loves you?

You can ask your boyfriend if he loves but if he does not respond he probably is nerviest or he does not then he does not love you or he is dating someone alse .

What do you do after a break-up with your boyfriend?

You do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want to go get a new boyfriend, then go get one. If you want to try to get back together with you boyfriend, then you try to get back together. If you want stay away from dating for a while, then stay away from dating. Basically just do what you want!

What is steady dating?

Steady dating is when you have an "offical" boyfriend or girlfriend. If you go on dates with someone, that is different because you go on dates with different people, but if you are dating someone constantly, it becomes steady, or non changing, so you are steady dating.

What is the another Name of someone you are dating?

the person you are seeing?? or just your date..... or your girlfriend/boyfriend

Who is Adam Sevani dating?

Adam Sevani IS NOT Dating Rihanna,She is dating someone else, And my source is from her mouth. IT was From and Interview on TV and It showed her and her boyfriend at a Basketball Game

Will you get a boyfriend this year?

If you will get a boyfriend this year is something that you cannot predict. You never know when you will meet someone special who will become your boyfriend.

What will you do if your boyfriend is dating another person and you don't want to lose the relationship?

if he's dating someone else he's not worth it, leave him

The day you got with your boyfriend is it your first month?

I started dating my boyfriend the day after we met. We've been together a while, and were engaged now.

Does betty nguyen have a boyfriend?

Betty Nguyen is a native of Vietnam. The attractive newscaster is rumored to be dating someone, but the name of her boyfriend has not been revealed.

Me ex boyfriend is dating someone new but he told me that he was just her friend what does that mean?

he is a playin u

Why won't my ex- boyfriend believe me that I am honestly dating someone else?

You would have to ask him.

What is the difference between boyfriend and a lover?

A boyfriend is a romantically favored male. This can be someone you are dating, or just hanging out with. There does not have to be any physical intimacy (sex) involved. A lover is someone that you are intimately involved with. You can have a boyfriend without him being your lover, but it is assumed that if you have a lover he is your exclusive boyfriend.

Your boyfriend said that you should still stay together just not be classified as dating what does this mean?

You should ditch him.

What is the difference between dating someone and being their girlfriend or boyfriend?

you can date more than one person if u are refering to going on dates. so it doesnt mean that u are girlfriend/boyfriend with everyone you date. usually people refer to dating as being someones girlfriend/boyfriend if there are no other people that they are dating.

How do you get my ex back after its been 2 years and he's dating someone else?

kill his or her boyfriend,"simple"

What does it mean if a girl kinda has a boyfriend?

This might mean that there is someone that she likes and the guy likes her back, but they are not dating.

What do you call someone you date after a breakup?

If you mean by you dated someone, then broke up it's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend or just ex. If you mean you dated someone, broke up, and then started dating again its girlfriend or boyfriend.