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Read your contract. Reinstatement is decided by the lender not the state. Michigan

TITLE STATE: 1975 and subsequent years. SECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on title held by debtor. LICENSE REGISTRATION: Michigan Bureau of Driver and Vehicle Records, 7064 Crowner Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48918. Tel:(517)322-1460. RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace. Repossesses must hold valid collection agency license & Regulation, Collection Practice Board, P.O. Box 30018, Lansing Michigan 48909, (517)241-9239. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR PLATES: Remain with debtor.

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Q: How can you get your car back if it was repossessed after you made and met payment arrangements with the collections dept?
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How can you have your car repossessed i lost my job and can't afford it.?

Did you give it back to the finance company? If you still have the car, job or no job, they will be expecting a payment every month. You may be able to call them and make payment arrangements with them.

Can you get your car back if its repossessed?

Yes. If the payment is made to the finnance company.

Can you get a repossessed car back?

READ you contract. Likely not on a 1st payment default.

How can I get my repossessed truck back in Indiana?

The only way to get a repossessed truck back in the state of Indiana is to pay the balance owed. Sometimes, you can contact the lender and make arrangements to get the truck back without paying the whole amount.

Is there any way to get a repossessed car back in Maryland?

You will have to contact the holder of the loan and make arrangements to get current and pay the penalty BUT They can refuse anything less than 100% payment with additional fees because they had to spend the money to repo it.

If you paid the fees and got your car back from repo but what if you miss another payment with the bank?

It gets repossessed again.

I paid cash for my vehicle and it was repossessed without any attempt to contact me am I entitled money back?

No, your down payment and any other payment you have made will be put to your subtotal for the car.

Can furniture be repossessed if payment has not been made in 6 months but you start back making payments?

Yes, furniture can be repossessed if you start making payments again after 6 months, especially if the missed payments are not caught up. The creditor can refuse the payment if court proceedings are already in progress.

How can I get my gas turned back on?

To get gas turned back on, any outstanding bill will need to be paid in full. The gas company may make payment arrangements and turn the gas back on.

If your car was just repossessed will they let you get it back if you have the money and how long will it take to get it back?

get it back?? prolly, depends on your payment record,ect. They really dont want the car, they want the MONEY. How long?? a day or two

How do get your car back after a repossession?

If your car has been repossessed by the bank for missing payments, the quickest and most efficient way to retrieve your vehicle is to contact the bank and make your back payments. When contacting the bank about back payments see if there is a new payment plan system that you can set up with them that is more beneficial to you, to avoid having the car repossessed again.

What if you are three weeks late on a car payment?

Personally, I would contact the lender and describe the circumstances and either pay the back amount or make arrangements with them.

Is Texas a state were you have to pay all your child support due or can you make payment arrangements to get your passport back?

Ultimately, in every state, that's up to a judge.

What should you do if you can't make the payment on a new car?

Phone the company, explain the dilema and negotiate payment terms. If they are unflexible, hand back the car and get a bike. Or, you can make arrangements with your employer to advance the money to you out of your next paycheck.

How can your boyfriend improve his credit rating if he has a few unresolved collection debts and small unpaid debts from years back?

He needs to make arrangements to pay them off. If he can't pay them off in a lump payment, he needs to inquire as to whether the company will make payment arrangements with him. If so, advise him to get it in writing and then follow the agreement exactly as it was made. This "payment arrangement" of a collection actually will help him on the road to rebuilding his credit rating.

What documents would you need after a repossession of a car in order to get it back?

To get your repossessed car back you may need proof of residency, insurance, and, other personal information to retrieve your repossessed vehicle back to you.

If your workers truck was repossessed and he had your tools inside how do you get your tools back?

ask the guy that repossessed your workers truck for the tools that were in that truckask the guy that repossessed your workers truck for the tools that were in that truck

You had two ATVs recently repossessed they want 6500 to get them back do you have any options?

You have none, except to get your payment account current. Remember, you DO NOT OWN the ATV's until you have paid them off in full. The lender owns them.

What the procedure for getting your car back after being repossessed?

Contact the lender who repossessed the car. You will have to make up all back payments and pay all fees associated with the actual repossession.

Where can you find bogey in Mafia Wars?

Inventory Collections & Vault Crew Collections Bring Back the Pack

You had your car repossessed on Friday July 13 2008 because you miss three month of payment is the bank going to let you catch up on your payment so you can get the car back?

The bank didn't want my car, they allowed me to pay the outstanding amount. It may vary, though, bank to bank

What options do you have in Connecticut if your car is repossessed and you want it back?

Your option is to CALL the lender who had it repossessed and find out how much it will cost to get it back. Repossession is a matter between YOU and the LENDER. There is no state agency that oversees the process.

If your car has been repossessed what kind of payment will they take to get it back Will they accept check credit or only cash Do you have to pay in full or will they take half 800 behind?

If a car is repossessed it is usually up to the creditor, what terms and conditions have to be met to get the car back. Included with all the payments missed, there might also be fees like towing, late fees, etc. The creditor is probably going to want all of this paid up front to get the car back.

When your car gets repossessed after 2 months of non payment can you get your down payment back?

No once it's repo'd you either have to work it out with whoever financed the vehicle to get it back or your at a total loss. And banks will sell the vehicle at an auction to the highest bidder which most likely if you just got the car will be thousands less than what you just financed it for,which you'll also owe on top of your loss.

Should you keep insurance on a repossessed vehicle?

Only if you intend to get it back.