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Gee, Hery, I dont see any way for you to get it back.

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Should the manager of a company own sizable amounts of a stock in the company?

Only if he wants to afford his own dragon dildo one day

If your van was repoed because you couldn't afford to pay it and the finance company wants you to pay more than what you were paying and say you owe more than was financed can you dispute it?

You broke the original agreement and the company is not required to keep the ongoing agreement the same. By not paying, you increased your risk rating and so the cost to you rose. The increased payment probably represents a finance increase and costs of repossession. Probably the best thing to do is to let the van go, pay up and obtain a car you can afford at this time.

In Georgia can a car be repossessed if the borrower paid a lump sum to cover arrearages and wants to keep the car and make timely payments but the lender wants the car returned?

In Georgia, Has an "endangerment of security" if at any time the finance company fells that there security is in danger they can repo you car. A finance company can repo you car at any time even if you are current if they fell that there security is endanger. Example of Endangerment I have repo for: 1. Past Due Payments 2. You move and don't notify Finance Company 3. Cancelled insurance 4. Threats of destroying the Auto 5. Divorces 6. Threats of Filing Bankruptcy 7. Failed to make a payment on another vehicle that is financed with the same company

My car was in an accident and is still at the body shop which hasn't been paid yet he finance company wants to repossess the car. Can they repo it from the body shop?

Yes, the finance company can repossess the car from the body shop. They would likely wait for the car to be fixed before they repossess the car.

Can you get a dirt bike repossessed?

Yes. A dirt bike is the same as a street bike or any other type of vehicle. if you miss the payments, and the financier wants to exercise his rights to seizure, he can do so. If you are behind on payments the best thing to do is contact your finance company and explain your circumstances to him. There are probably options available to avoid repossession. The last thing any finance company wants to do is repossess their property.

How do i answer what is my expectation in the company?

Every company wants to stand out from the rest. Company wants to make profits. Every company wants to employ the best hands in the industry.

How does career and study influence the availability of finance/affordability?

It influences career choice in a way that an individual won't be able to afford the course which he wants to do so he might end up selecting a course that is a less expensive course

What are the dimensions of a community pool?

Whatever the community wants or can afford

Where does Keith Richards own homes?

Any place he wants he can afford it

What is the difference of public finance from private finance?

the different between public and private wants is on the financial means availlable and on the budgeting procedure

What should you get your 9-year-old daughter for Christmas?

Get her something she has said she wants that you can afford. If she has not told you what she wants, ask her.

How long your going to be with company?

as long as the company wants and needs me

A co current assets are 96500 and current liabilities are 58600 The company wants a loan of 25000 for a 6 month period What is the current ratio after the loan?

current liabilities at present 58600, when loan is taken, the amount will become 58600+25000=83600 current ratio would be 96500/83600 = 1.1543 Aruna Joshi

Who rides bikes in China?

Those who can afford a bike, can't afford a car or motorcycle, and wants a more efficient method of getting around than walking.

Are you ready for a finance job?

There is no easy answer to if one really wants a finance job. It is best to talk to a professional in the financial field and then research the plan for changing careers.

Where is batista now which show or company?

He is with neither company he wants to do movies

How many ice cream cones can one eat in a day?

As much as one wants and can afford..? ._.

How many countries try out for the world cup?

Any country that wants to and can afford to have a soccar team!

Why do you want to work for company?

During a job interview, it is common to be asked why a person wants to work for a company. This is asked because the interviewer wants to know what real interest the person has in the company.

What exactly does a personal finance software review mean?

A personal finance software review is a side by side comparison of the various finance software available in the marketplace. The review will allow you to see the pros and cons of using one software product over another based on your specific needs and wants in a finance software.

What do you say when your girlfriend wants you to spend 15000 on a ring for her?

if you can't afford it tell her directly that it's too expensive

Definition of a company that sells goods?

a company that sells sweet things and something that everyone wants.

Can a finance company ask a customers relative about the customers wifes medical condition when the wife is not on the account?

By federal law, the finace company cannot speak to anyone other than the person who is holding the account. If they were to ask a question about a wife's medical history, they would need to speak with the account holder who can then decide if he wants to answer that question.

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