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Why Would You Want A credit report If You Don`t Have Your SSN. You Can`t Get A Loan Without A SSN. So No You Need A SSN To Get A Credit Report.

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Where can you get a credit report without a SSN?

you can't

Can you get a best buy credit card whitout ssn?

You need a SSN to apply for any credit card. That is how they can check your credit report.

Can you get a free online credit report without supplying your SSN?

Yes. Credit reports do not require your SSN, only your credit history and credit card number. In addition, you should never disclose your SSN to anyone, regardless of their insistence.

You had an ITIN Now you just got a SSN what to do to up date your account with the 3 major credit bureaus?

I have been using a ssn that is not my but now I have a itin number and I want to transfer the credit bureaus report to the itin

How do you request a credit report without an SSN if you don't have an SSN due to visa status?

You need to send the request either by mail or call to get your credit report without requiring a ssn. However this takes about 15 days to process and another 2-3 weeks to ship. Mail order form:

How do you get a credit report without a credit card?

There are actually plenty of alternatives. You can buy a home, buy a car, even some home utulities services will do it depending on where you live. Typically, if they ask for you SSN, then it will most likely appear on you credit report.

Am i required to provide my social security number when applying for credit?

Yes. Your SSN is used to pull your credit report. If the loan is granted, it is then used to track your relationship with the bank and report interest paid (if the interest is tax deductible).

Can an chapter 7 be disputed through a credit bureau due to an incorrect SSN?

Not if the bankrupcy actually belongs to the person on whose report it shows. The credit bureau will simply correct the SS#.

Do you have to supply ssn to credit card companies?

No, but neither do they HAVE to extend you credit.

Is it true that some SSN have restrictions regarding credit cards and what are they?

The question is rather vague, however, if the issue is, does one have to give their SSN when applying for a credit, the answer is no. There are certain agencies which can legally enforce the request for a person's SSN or ITIN or information, the IRS for example. On the other side, the lender or card issuer does not have to extend credit to a person who chooses not to submit their SSN.

Can you put a freeze on your credit report?

im sorry i dont think so

Ssn in a credit card looks like?

it looks like a typical credit card or a ATM card but have different use.... Source:

Where can I find reliable triple credit report online?

Your best bet is, you may get a free credit report once a year from their website. They do all three of the credit bureaus, and they dont leave anything out.

What is required to do a credit check?

Usually your name, address, and SSN

What will happen if you dont paid your credit card bills?

Your credit card company will report you to one of the three credit agencies, Experian credit bureau, Equifax credit bureau, and TransUnion credit bureau.

How long does it take to show up as an authorized user on credit card on my credit report?

If someone adds you as an authorized user on their credit card account, and they supplied your SSN when adding you, it would probably show up within 30 days. Of course that means that you would have to get a new report each month or sign up for some kind of Alert service.

How do you buy a car insurance without a SSN?

There are a few sites that do not require your personal information like your social security number (SSN) when they give you an auto insurance quote. One such site, does not require your SSN and therefore, does not run a credit score or credit history check.

Can you find out if your wife has debt?

With ssn you can run credit online for free.

Does a car repossession go on your DMV report or only on your credit report?

Only on your CREDIT REPORT. DMV doesnt care how you got it or got rid off it, as long as ya dont steal it or sell before ya pay for it.

How do you remove a judgment from a credit report in one day?

I dont know ask someone who cares

How to instantly clean credit?

There is nothing one can do to remove derogatory information from a credit report unless the info is invalid and the consumer has substantiating evidence to prove the claim. A credit repair agency that claims they can clear a credit report of all derogatory data regardless of the nature, is making false and possibly illegal claims. Some will suggest the consumer obtain or use another SSN, not advisable under any circumstances.

What is protection company monitors your credit card activity and protects you SSN?

LifeLock is an ID protection company that monitors your credit card activity and protects your SSN. If you have had your identity compromised then the credit bureaus can offer you a limited, free service through them for one year.

What do collection agencies do with your SSN?

Nearly all personal and financial information is tied to your social security number (SSN). With your SSN, the collection agency can run in depth background checks, credit reports, and verify identity. It is also necessary to have an SSN sometimes for verifying employment.

Is there a credit counseling program that won't ruin your credit score?

Their are several credit improvement programs available online for free. You dont have to report credit counseling services so it shouln't affect your credit score.

If you just came to USA recently on H1B and got a SSN and you need to start building your credit which is an optimal credit card?

I too am on H1B and got a SSN. The Wachovia and Bank Of America Secured card already declined me.