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I would say you need to revise what went wrong the first time you were together,was it you? was it him? if it was you then you must change yourself,if it was him then he is the only person who can change himself,therefore you must be prepared to live with it.Send him a text and just say you miss him,your not empyling you want him back your just saying you miss him.if he says he misses you to you know hes been thinking about you.......'If you let something go and it comes back to you,its yours to keep forever'

AnswerTry to talk to him and see if you can hang out sometime as friends and see if he feels the same way when you're hanging out. AnswerYou want him back; does he want you? If so then do whatever you know worked in the past or try a new method of reeling him back. I wouldn't repeat any past mistakes, that would only bring up sour notes. Call and invite him for an intimate dinner. Make reservations somewhere and ask him to meet you and do up the room. Make dinner reservations. Ask him to go to his favorite pastime and make a night of it. Have everything planned so all he has to do is focus on the effort you put in and have a good time....
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My exboyfriend hasn't contacted me for two weeks. Is it safe to assume it is over?


Is it mandatory to pay back child support once the child has turned 21 and has married in nys?

My wife and myself are separated and have been for15 years, we have 2 children over the age of 30. I am currently on disability and have been for 10 years. I have been paying back shild support since 1988. My current back child support is 17,000. Legally should I have to pay back child support when my kids are over the age of 21?

Should a exboyfriend jewelry be giving back eventhough it been with the ex girlfriend for over 3 years?

Nope, legally it's yours to keep . anything that has been given to you as a gift (except a family heirloom) is yours to keep. its legal and wouldn't stand up in court so yes, it's yours. You spent 3 years with him.

My husband and I have been separated for over a year he's not paying child support can i take the children out of the state without his consent?

If you and your husband have been separated for over a year and he is not paying child support, you must consult a lawyer and have a custody agreement before taking the children out of state.

Why is my pup shaking when its trying to walk it is 3 weeks old?

if it has just been separated from his mother he is shaking because he has been separated from his mother and is not used to his surroundings and is nervous. its OK he/she will soon get over it trust me i have 7 of my own lol

If your spouse lives in Italy and you have been separated since November 2007 would this be grounds for a divorce?

Yes it can be done, as the spouse is living in Italy for over a year, and is separated, the divorce can go through.

What is the answer to the hidden meaning puzzle B over BA over BACK?

it means.... quarter back, half back and full back it's been bugging me for ages!

My exboyfriend had another GF while we were togthere after i found out he told me that he loves her in front of her then calls mecriestells me that he love me not her but he didnt leave her what2 do?

tell him that you love him but if you choose her over me then it's over

Can weaned calves be pastured with their mothers?

They can, but only if they haven't been with their mothers for over 2 to 6 weeks after being first separated.

Your husband and you have been separated for over a year can you get a divorce from him even thou he lives in a different state and has no permanent address?

Yes, you can, but you need a lawyer to do this.

What are tailing materials IN MINING?

Those materials left over after the economically extractable portion of the mineral being mined has been separated from the ore.

Is it okay to date someone who is separated?

Yes, but risky since they may be on the rebound and some get back together. make sure it's really over first.

How can you do your state taxes if you don't know your wife's income since you have been separated for over a year?

File seperatley, not jointly..both Fed & State

Is reconciliation ever possible if you have been separated over 6 months?

sometimes people change.......i guess it depends onwhy did u brake up

How are linked genes separated?

Through crossing over

What does it mean to have recurring pleasant dreams of an ex-boyfriend?

Sometimes we all have left over feelings and our dreams bring them out. But let's be honest, there is a reason why an exboyfriend is an ex.

Is it ok to date your exboyfriend best friend?

i say yes it is...theirs nothing wrong with cousin his dating her ex husbands bestfriend...dont worrie they get over it after awhile

If you have been separated from your spouse for over 10 years do property still have to be divided?

Yes, if you have still been married for all that time - the law MAY give her a marital interest in property and possessions.

If you have been separated for over seven years can you get a divorce without the signature of your spouse?

AnswerYes. Visit the family court and the clerk will help you file the proper petition.

Does dogs remember who their own mother is after a 5 year separation?

Yes, the scent of her is never forgotten, even having been separated for over 10 years.

Is anyone having trouble with the rear wiper motor in the 2003 vibe?

Yeah...its been dead for over a year....the cost to fix it holds me back. Yeah...its been dead for over a year....the cost to fix it holds me back.

What is percent of genes that separated by crossing over?

50% of the time.

How do you fight back if you have a wrongful garnishment and now they have gotten over payment too?

How do you fight back if you have a wrongful garnishment, you have not been served and your employer has paid your money over to the court?

How have computers changed over the year?

computers have changed over the years when the windows and the keyboard is separated

Is it possible to get an automatic divorce after being separated for over one year in the state of Texas?

No, there is nothing automatic about divorce no matter how long you've been separated. You must file the appropriate paperwork to dissolve your marriage. See an attorney if you don't know how to go about that.