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You can't. Just be happy, maybe she wasn't good for you.

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Q: How can you get your ex-girlfriend back if she broke up with you because she needed space but has a new boyfriend five days later?
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What do you do if your boyfriend's exgirlfriend is prefgnat with his child and the only reason why he broke up wth her is because he didn't what the responsibility but you still are in love with him?

Protect your self dont wanna get pregant as his ex girlfriend do you?

What does it mean when your girlfriend broke up with you because she needed space but she has a new boyfriend less than a week later?

She must have not needed any space. She probably already had a new boyfriend lined up, but did not know how to tell you. I wish you luck and I hope that you are not sad.

What do you if you and your boyfriend broke up because of family issues?

kill'em kill'em

Does your exgirlfriend still like you?

It depends on why you or why she broke up with you. If you cheated - no If she cheated - maybe If you broke up with her for no apparent reason - yes If she broke with you - no

How not to be in-secured with your boyfriend's exes?

You don't have to be in-secure about them because they are your boyfriend's ex... if your boyfriend broke up with them, and got together with you... it's because your better than them. just remember that

How long should you wait before you try contact my exgirlfriend and try to get her back after she broke up with you?

it all really depends on how long you have been together and why she broke up with you.

What if your boyfriend treated you badly so you broke up with him but after you find out the reason was because he was cheating on you?

Then do nothing and be glad he is no longer your boyfriend.

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What to do if you want your boyfriend back but he broke up with you because he didnt want a relationship?

ask me out

What is the meaning of ex boyfriend?

A boyfriend that you had but you broke up with!

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