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I am sorry you hurt so much and I hope the way she has treated you doesn't change your views on other young woman. She became complacant with you because you did treat her so well and I know that statement sounds strange. Some young women seem to be attracted to guys that treat them with an air of arrogance, cheating, etc. Some young women like a mystery surrounding a guy and the silly thing of it all is, these young woman feel deep inside that they can "tame him". This sort of behavior has been going on for decades. Don't give up though, because there are some wonderful young women out there that would love to be dating a guy like you. You just haven't found the right girl. She has made her choice and found another boyfriend. As much as it is breaking your heart it's time for you to move on and start dating again. Don't EVER sit around and let someone rule your life because they broke your heart. Hearts DO mend, and yours will too in time. I loved someone once that I ended up marrying. I couldn't believe they had changed so much and he used me, mentally/physically abused me. I realized in that 3 1/2 years of hell, that HE really hadn't changed, but I had! Where had the young, independent woman gone? I had been so caught up in love for the sake of it, I simply lose myself and didn't allow myself to see the danger signs. Was I wrong? I don't think so. I think life is all about learning, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. If we don't feel pain, we can't feel joy, and if we don't have our hearts ache on occasion then we truly don't know if we are honestly loved or not. You're young and you aren't any different than thousands of other guys out there that have their hearts broken. You sound like a smart and very nice young guy and I do believe that you're not a quitter, but a fighter. Fight! Get on with your life and you don't need her. Feel free! Enjoy it and experience more of life. Date and before you know it, you'll find that very special girl when you least expect in. I did. I found a wonderful man and we've been married for 34 years. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How can you get your girlfriend back if you did everything possible for her and she said she loved you but doesn't seem to anymore and now she has a new boyfriend but you still love her?
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What does ex boyfriend or girlfriend means?

Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend means that they are not together anymore.

Is Adrain and Rob are boyfriend and girlfriend?

no not anymore

Who was declan galbraiths ex-girlfriend?

He had a girlfriend. Her name was Kasey. They are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.

Meanings of ex?

ex means not anymore, so exboyfriend, boyfriend not anymore... exgirlfriend, girlfriend not anymore.

What do you call a boyfriend whose girlfriend is dead?

Just his name. He isn't a boyfriend anymore is he

Are Frazer and Tulisa girlfriend and boyfriend?

Fazer and tulisa used to be but aren't anymore

What does exe mean when your talking to a friend?

it means someone you went out with that your not with anymore. ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend..

How do you make your exe boyfriend girlfriend mad that she breaks up with him?

bye telling her things about what he does and what he did to me and that's why were not together anymore

Why can't your boyfriend go to the movies with you?

the most typical reasons a boyfriend won't go to the movies with this girlfriend is because he is either busy, or he just dosnet like you anymore.

What are the possible reasons your girlfriend does not want to make love anymore?

you've got a little willie

Can I win back my girlfriend after she dumped me and went back to her country with her old boyfriend?

You can't trust her anymore. Give up.

What if your boyfriend broke up with you and has a different amazing girlfriend and does not like you at all anymore how do you make him like you again?

s. his. d.

What is the meaning of ex boy friend?

A ex-boyfriend is a boyfriend that you do not love anymore or he does not love anymore.

What do you say when your boyfriend doesnt want you to be friends with your best friend anymore?

you should tell him that your best friend has been there for you for everything and that you have to stand by her. if he can't accept that, then he's not a good boyfriend.

What are some signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore?

The first and foremost sign is when your girlfriend is in love with some other and has told you that she doesn't love you anymore . The second sign is when she is hiding her boyfriend from you so that you don't feel jealous as jealousy sometimes creates attraction . Stanly

Is it possible for ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend to get back together after a break-up because the boyfriend thinks he does not love her anymore but has gone to France shortly to overcome feelings?

what the boyfriend thinks he feels is probably true. those feelings will only get stronger. getting back together is a bad dead end relationship that will end badly. And if he doesn't think he loves his girlfriend he never loved her in the first place.

My boyfriend is missing. What do I do now?

Then he is not your boyfriend anymore...

What is the meaning of ex?

ex means "not anymore" ex-wife:used to be your wife but is not anymore ex-husband:used to be your husband but is not anymore lets say I pointed to someone I used to go out with and broke up with them, I would say the person is my ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend

My boyfriend don't like me anymore?

my boyfriend garret told my sister toni that he has a nother girlfriend i hope that means that he stills love me cause i still love him garret i hope u read this i love you

How do you know if your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore?

You can be suspicious if: -she doesn't initiate conversatoin -seems to always have something else to do -says she doesn't love you -has a boyfriend

What happens to a person after a break up?

The become single. No boyfriend slash girlfriend. Lonley. Single. Oh, and I dont want to livemon this planet anymore..

How is declan's girlfriend?

If you're talking about Declan Galbraith... Declan does not have a girlfriend. Because he'd a bit too busy and would not have enough spare time to spend with her, because of his music. But Declan did had a girlfriend a few years ago, her name was Kasey, but they're not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.

What does it mean when a girl with a boyfriend flirts?

That can mean a few things. It could mean that she isn't in love with her boyfriend anymore. She could also like to flirt, which isn't a good thing. Or she could just be an unfaithful girlfriend.

What does it mean when a guy avoids his ex-girlfriend in front of his current girlfriend?

Obvoiusly, he doesn't like you anymore. He would think it would be akward to have his current girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend around at the same time. I mean put yourself in his shoes, if you have a boyfriend, and your ex-boyfriend is hanging around, wouldn't that be quite akward? I would think so. Try to aviod them; find a new man.

Is it possible to in a fightless relationship?

Not usually. Most relationships in which they don't fight at all, they aren't interested in the relationship anymore, however it is possible but only if you agree with everything :)