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You unfortunately answered your own question. If you won't be seeing each other since you are in different colleges then it's best to move on. There are lots of girls out there that are wonderful and it's time you let the past go and give yourself the chance to meet someone new.

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What does it mean when a guy avoids his ex-girlfriend?

it really just depends on how you guys broke up.

Does Ryan Higa really have a son?

No. He has a girlfriend though. they broke up

Should you get back together with your girlfriend?

if you really love her

What is this about mason musso having twins?

He had a girlfriend who he really liked and they wanted to have twins, but then they broke up.

What does racking his brain mean?

"Racking his brain" means that he was thinking really hard to figure something out. For example, "He was sitting in a corner racking his brain over why his girlfriend broke up with him." This means that the man was trying really hard to figure out why his girlfriend broke up with him.

What if a guy says he just broke up with his girlfriend What is that mean?

Im guessing your just learning English? If a guy broke up with his girlfriend it means he isnt in a relationship or dating her anymore. I really hope this helps ^^

Your best boy mate broke up with his girlfriend today you really like him and you are really close How do you get him to like you?

you tell him you'll sleep with him.

What if you broke up with your girlfriend and she is really moody with you and another girl you like and she likes you?

if you broke up with your Girlfriend and Shes moody with you Just Ignore her,And If you Like a Girl and She likes you ,you Should Just go up to her and say "Do you want to Be my girlfriend" She prob. Say yes

What if your girlfriend broke up with you and her best friend wants to go out and she said she really likes me but she is the reason you broke up with your ex what should you do?

Don't Date that Skank!!

How do you remain calm when your girlfriend broke up with you?

get a new girlfriend

Who is Cameron leahy's girlfriend?

As of now, he does not have a girlfriend. He and his ex-girlfriend recently broke up.

What if you where with someone for 3years and yall still talk but he has an girlfriend?

If you guys already broke up, then you cant really do anything about it. Sorry.

Why did Ryan Higa and Tarynn Nago broke up?

they had to move away from each other because they got accepted to different colleges

He was your girlfriend but he broke your heart but you still love him what do i do.?

tell girlfriend the truth

What do you do when your girlfriend is always broke?

fix her

Who is silvers girlfriend?

Sliver's girlfriend is:Blaze the cat.If they broke up,Rouge would be his girlfriend.

What does it mean when an ex likes you as a girlfriend still?

That means that he never really lost feelings about you when you broke up. You are his key to the lock in his heart.

What if your boyfriend broke up with you and has a different amazing girlfriend and does not like you at all anymore how do you make him like you again?

s. his. d.

Derrick rose and his girlfriend?

broke up

Your girlfriend told you she thought you were an amazing guy and a really good friend and then she broke up with you Is there a chance of getting back with her?

No once its over its over.

Did Justin Biebers girlfriend really get hit by a boat engine?

he has an exgirlfriend named Caitlin beadles.. they broke up. But yes, she did get hit by a boat.NO!

Cole Sprouse girlfriend?

No one knows. He isn't really open about his love life, but its official that he and Lili broke up.

A picture of Justin biebers girlfriend?

Justin has recently broke up with his girlfriend. His last girlfriend was Selena Gomez

Who is the girlfriend of Zachary Levi?

Currently, Zachary Levi does not have a girlfriend. He broke up with his last girlfriend early this year.

What do you do to tell your girlfriend that your so sorry and that to make your girlfriend trust Because you broke a promise to your girlfriend but you really really did not try to it was mistake that?

Well serves you right girls are fragile I that way guys always think that we are to overreactive but really usually we have a reason to e pissed but just explain to her why you did what you did tell her how it hurts you fpr her to be , ad at you and use the L word