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buy a new one

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Q: How can you get your oven clean if you turned it on with a plastic dish drainer in it and started a large fire?
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How do you remove melted plastic from electric oven?

A plastic grill was inside the oven when it was turned on. All the plastic melted and was dripping from the oven racks and settling on the bottom. I pulled the racks out and upon cooling down was able to peel most of the plastic off before it molded around the grate. Then I heated the rest with a BBQ lighter to get it off with a utility knife. Now the bottom of the self cleaning oven. Used a plastic spatula to remove most of the goopy plastic. Then I used "Vim" and a teflon scrubber and it came off. Turned the oven of self clean and it came out great. Hope this helps you out there. The first place we turned to for answers was the internet. What a great place to be !!!!

How do you clean a kids plastic pool with no filter?

Drain, clean, refill.

How do I Clean spaghetti stains from plastic bowl?

Buy another plastic bowl

What is the best way to clean outdoor nativity sets?

There are a number of ways to clean outdoor nativity sets, but it depends on what the outdoor nativity sets are made of. For example, if the sets are made of plastic, clean the sets the same way as if you clean regular plastic items.

Does acrilic paint work on plastic?

Yes, Acrylic paints do work on plastic very well. Be sure the plastic is clean before painting.

Can you recycle clean plastic food bags?

Yes you can

How can you clean your penis with all that plastic stuff all over it?

I have to ask, What plastic stuff all over it ???

Which is more better to use a glass thermometer or a plastic thermometer?

There is no difference in the effectiveness of glass or plastic. Glass is more fragile for breaking but easier to keep clean, plastic is safer for not breaking, and harder to keep clean longer. It is a personal choice.

What can be used on the plastic trim of cars that will keep it shiny and clean and will not wear off after a rain?

water to clean

How do you clean brass when it has turned green in places?

use your head

What is the best way to clean a plastic door sign?

The best way to clean plastic is the best way to clean many things which includes a lot of hot water and vigorous amounts of scrubbing. If however you're looking for a specific product Mr. Clean is a general all purpose cleaner.

Clean a plastic toy?

Lysol or bleach works fine.

How do you clean a melted plastic bag off a wooden dresser?


What to use to clean Plastic car mats?

soap and water

How can you clean Plastic paint Wall of your Room?

Plastic paint, like acrylic paint, cannot be cleaned with water or any chemical. Acrylic paint can only be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth.

What are some domestic uses for plastic sleeves?

Plastic newspaper sleeves can be reused in a number of ways. If you have a dog, these plastic sleeves can be used to clean up after them when on a walk.

Why is recycling better than reuseing plastic?

usually old plastics are dirty there is a lot of bacterias that are left in the plastic. by recycling the plastic, the recyclers can clean those plastic, by melting it and make a new plastic again and they reuse it back.

Are baby wipes made of plastic?

No baby wipes are not made of plastic. They are made of cotton material. They are used to clean the babies.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic furniture?

Plastic furniture is lightweight and easy to carry. Plastic furniture is usually cheap and may break easily, but is easier to clean and maintain.

How do you clean whitewall tires?

Use soap and water to clean whitewall tires. Also use a nylon or plastic brush to scrub the tires while you clean it.

How can you clean cloudy or yellowed plastic?

Depending on the type of plastic and the degree of cloudiness or yellowing, you might be able clean it using a thin paste made of water and baking soda, and gently rubbing the surface in a circular motion with a moist, clean, non-abrasive, cloth.

What is proverb of plastic pollution?

green,green,green,.....the world is clean

How do you clean tea stained plastic pitchers?

The dishwasher usually does it OK for me.

Can plastic kitchen trash bags be put in the recycle bin?

Plastic bags can not be recycled. They may be reused, most grocery stores accept clean plastic bags for reuse.

How do you clean plastic eyeglass frames?

Plastic eyeglasses can be cleaned with soap and water. Eyeglasses can also be cleaned with a soft Kleenex or towel.

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