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There are companies who will insure you (high risk) but I suggest that you have a VERY good job to pay the premiums being a young, new, and untrained driver! Get your driver training certificate and you will save money. Just start calling Brokerages to find out what company will take you. Now is the car you are trying to insure your parents own? In that case, unless they ok it, you can not be covered.

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If you come up positive for drugs and you are sixteen do you have to tell parents or gardians?

if you are of sixteen and addicted and want to get rid of that so consult to any doctor for cure and a well as tell about that to your parents because its in nature of your parents to love you and because of this nature thay will support you financially and emotionally

How does sweet sixteen change your life?

A sweet sixteen changes your life because you get to drive or get a permit and you get more mature so your parents start trusting you.

Why are insurance rates higher for age sixteen?

Because you have no experience driving and are at greater risk of having an accident.

Are you allowed to move out at sixteen if your parents are divorced?


Can you be sixteen and have car insurance under your own name?

no way

Can a sixteen year old get married to another sixteen year old without their parents permission in Illinois?


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Can a sixteen year old get there own insurance?

yes they can but it will be cost them a lot.

Can a sixteen year old boy emancipate from parents?

I dont Think so ... But The 16yr SHouldnt because it can led him on a horrible life ...

Why do you call the age of sixteen sweet sixteen?

because you can drive at sixteen and that normally means you get a car.

Does both parents have to sign for you to get married if you are sixteen and he is eighteen?

Don't do it.

Are parents legally responsible for children aged sixteen?


How old is the average age to work?

sixteen. as you receive you national insurance number.

How old do you have to be to get a job in retail sales?

well tbh with you. i think that you gotta be 16+ to get a job at a retail, this is because you will not have a national insurance number below the age of sixteen. in order to work you need a nationla insurance number. x

Can a sixteen year old date an eighteen year old with out the consent of the sixteen year olds parents?

no the 16 year olds parents can call the cops and it's considered statutory rape.

Can a sixteen year old get insurance on their own?

No, they are not old enough to sign a contract such as an insurance policy. They will require an adult to obtain the policy for them.

What are you allowed to do when you are sixteen?

You're allowed to do whatever your parents/caregivers tell you that you can do.

Can a sixteen year old get married with parents consent in California?

Yes they can.

Can parents kick you out if your sixteen and move out?

Defiantly not, but then again it depends what state you are in.

Is sixteen divisible by four?

yes because if you times four by four it is sixteen and divide sixteen by ffour and equals to 4

What is the name of the song in the 2007 state farm insurance commercial?

Sixteen going on 17

Can a eighteen year old date a sixteen year old with the sixteen year old consent of the parents but the needs the eighteen years old consent of the parents?

That is up to the parents. There are no laws regarding dating. Both are over the age of consent in most places.

Can a sixteen year old live with someone other than her parents?

Certainly, if their parents give their permission. The minor lives where their parents want them to live.

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If you are sixteen and run away will the police look for you?

Yes, if your parents post you as a runaway.