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The only way you will get the truck back is to pay the past due on it. Unless it was a mistake of the lender--by that I mean, that they actually stated they would not repo the truck after you made the $200.00 payment, you should not have to pay for repo fee. Was the $200 enough? Did you actually talk to someone when you made the payment or did you just sorta sneak it in hoping, it was enough? As much as you don't want to hear this--you have to talk to the collectors--yes, some will be nasty, some are just bored and don't care but most are just doing their job!! If you don't talk to them, things happen. Like--I ordered the picking up of this car but the guys won't get to it for a couple of days, you make a payment I don't know of "immediately" so I don't know to stop the repo. The car is picked up, you are mad and I have a car I really didn't want. Now there is more work involved because I have the actual vehicle.

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