How can you get your wife back if you lied to her many times and she found out and now you have split up?

Right now, you don't deserve to get her back. Unless you can prove that you've changed, you should leave her alone. Otherwise you're setting her up for even more heartbreak. You don't have a right to crush this woman a second time; only a complete jackass would try to get back a woman he used when he has no intention of behaving differently for the rest of their lives.

So--if you want to change, start by going to counseling. Go alone. Also, if she'll go with you, go together. Stop doing whatever behaviors you were lying about. If you slip up even once, you confirm that she was right to leave you.

Even if, after all that, she doesn't want to get back with you--so be it. You brought this on yourself, and you don't get to blame her for ruining her life. Nor do you get to stop her from starting over. Be a man, take responsibility, and think of her for a change rather than just focusing on what you want.