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U CAN NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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no. you cant go to another region on diamond

You cannot go to another region in Pokemon Black or White.

You can't, the only region you can go to in Pearl, Diamond and Platinum is Sinnoh.

nope but u can get jonto region Pokemon with action replay.

I'm pretty sure that the only way to get another starter Pokemon in Pokemon diamond is to go to the Global Trade Station (GTS) and trade with someone.

Apart from the Battle Frontier, no.

masprit is in Pokemon diamond. first you have to go to the lake closes to you then follow it around the sinnor region

No you cannot go to other regions in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond version but in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you can go to the Jotoh region.

The entirety of Pokemon Pearl and Diamond is set in the Sinnoh region. There is no way to revisit any of the other Pokemon world regions.

see all the Pokemon in sinnoh region go to pro birch and he will give you national dex

go to canalave city and go to the Pokemon mart and talk to the other guy, if not there, try another town

No. You can migrate Kanto Pokemon to your Platinum or catch some in the wild, but you cannot access one region from a game set in another region.

no, in Pearl as well as Diamond and Platinum, you can only be in the Sinnoh region

There Is A Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough If U Go To Pokemon

I don't think you can because Pokemon Diamond didn't have the new Pokemon that only appear in the Unova region. But, once you have completed the Pokemon League on Pokemon Black/White you can go to a science lab in route 15 and transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver to your game.

Sinnoh is not a place that is possible to visit in Pokemon Emerald. It is a region, but only available to explore in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games.

you can't, only ruby Pokemon can go to diamod. but diamond Pokemon can't go to ruby

you have to use pal park.Plug in your GBA gameGo into your GBA game and make sure that your Pokemon are in the PCGo to Pal Park, which is near the starting townTalk to the guy at the counterSearch all of the grassy areas/water for your migrated Pokemon with park ballsThat isn't how you spell another...

to get a mukrow in Pokemon diamond you go to the eterna forest

There is no possible way to go underwater in Pokemon diamond. You could only go underwater in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald. There is no possible way to go underwater in Pokemon diamond. You could only go underwater in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald.

To transfer your Pokemon from diamond to white you first have to beat the game in Pokemon white. After that you have to go to the Pokemon transfer lab, go up the steps and speak to the scientist. Then you need another DS that has your Diamond Pokemon in it, go to DS download play on the main screen and you can choose six Pokemon to transfer from your storage. 1) You must have already beat the Pokemon White Game 2) You need 2 DS's 3)The Pokemon that you want to send to Pokemon White must be in your storage in the Pokemon center in Diamond.

Unfortunantly you cant go to other regions in Pokemon diamond and pearl. its not like leafgreen,firered,gold,silver and crystal version where you travel to different regions. You can't, Sinnoh is the only region available in the game.

No, you can't get it, unless you play a "Johto-region" pokemon games e.g Pokemon Gold You put in the GBA cartridge on your DS and when you go to Pokemon Diamond on the main menu you will get a Migrate button click that but you should put your Bulbasaur on the PC and move to your party.

You go to a Pokemon center.

After you see all the Sinnoh Region Pokemon, go to the Professor, and he will give you the National Pokedex, which includes Pokemon from the Kanto, Hoenn, and Johto Regions.

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