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No. It gets below freezing and that would kill the banana tree.


I had a neighbor who had three or four banana trees outside with no protection from the elements in zone 8 (not even a real windbreak this was a trailer park), and in (I want to say November but not too sure) the trees shriveled to the ground and we thought they were dead. When it started warming back up the trees sent out brand new banana leaves. It got down to about 25 degrees for three nights (minus wind chill).

You can keep it in a greenhouse or put a blanket over it and put a 100-watt light bulb or other heat source with it. Or you can wrap the trunk in insulating foil, burlap or something else. I'm not so sure that fiberglass wouldn't irritate the tree. THESE ARE METHODS USED ON CITRUS TREES FOR WHEN IT GETS BELOW 26 DEGREES.

2009-09-23 04:22:54
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