How can you have an illegal immigrant deported from the US?

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January 19, 2011 6:53PM

No. YOU cannot have anyone deported.

Only Immigration and Customs Enforcement can do so. Presently

ICE is only focusing on crime-related deportations (since many

"illegal" immigrants entered the country legally and were properly

inspected but either had visas expire due to a variety of reasons

some of which even include errors and oversights at DHS and USCIS

(and its predecessor, INS) and is not pursuing otherwise

law-abiding (and in most cases tax-paying) immigrants who have

fallen out of status.

You can, of course, report the individual to ICE but, if they do

take action against them improperly you could very well be civilly

liable to the person yourself if it is determined that your report

to ICE was improper and selfishly or racially motivated.

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