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How can you help a belly button piercing heal?

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You should go and by Vitiam E oil and put a little on each day and wash off in the morning. One of the best all round natural substances for healing is Aloe Vera, straight off the plant is best, just slice off the skin with a sharp knife and either rub the liquid onto and around the piercing or apply the soft inside for a period of time with a bandage or some such. ***Best bet follow the written aftercare instructions you were give by your professional body piercer, don't mess around with woo woo magic stuff just wash it and leave it alone.

2009-09-05 01:29:38
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Q: How can you help a belly button piercing heal?
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Can your belly button get a infection from the inside without a piercing?

well when your belly button is very deep and you dont clean it often things can build up and get infected, what would help is fingering your belly button with a q-tip or your finger and cleaning it, if there is an infection you should see your doctor.

Does chlorine help heal belly piercings?


How long does it take for a Smiley piercing to heal up?

How long it takes a smiley piercing, or any piercing to heal up will depend greatly on the care given. Making sure to keep the piercing clean can help it to heal as quickly as possible.

Can you take out a new belly button piercing?

You can, of course. But it's usually better to let it heal around the ring first and then take it off so the scarring isn't as bad. If you want help with it, go back to the piercer or the doctor for personal specific advice.

If you help your belly button piercing heal can you go swimming earlier?

once you have your belly pierced you may go swimming after 2 weeks..i was worried when i got mine done cause my vacation was 2 weeks after i got it done so of course i asked about swimming and he told me 2 weeks so there ya go.. :-)

Can you clean your belly button piercing with rubbing alcohol?

If the piercing was done by a professional body piercer then you should be following the written aftercare instructions you were given. No where would it say to use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any other agents on your piercing. If you don't know how to look after your piercing contact your body piercer again and get the instructions in writing. But don't look to the Internet for help, your piercer is required to give you the instructions you need to heal the piercing, call them.

What can you put on a belly button to help it heal faster?

Nothing but what you have been told to use by your professional body piercer. There is no secret heal fast cure, it will heal as quickly as every other injury to your body and old as quick as you allow it to, so don't mess with it and it will heal.

How much does a belly button piercing usually cost in Cincinnati?

Different prices for different places. Try calling your local one and resarch it on line it might help. :)

The scientific name for belly button?

The Scientific Name for a belly button is a navel. Hope I could help(: ~Katelyne(: <3

If your at the beach and you get your belly button pierced can you get in the salt water?

it depends. if you got it about 2 weeks ago you shouldn't because the piercing will get HUGE and greatly INFECTED because of the salt water. BTW. Great question. i had to learn the hard way... Sewage is pumped regularly into the sea around the UK (and elsewhere), Swimming in seawater and sewage is NOT the best way to help a new piercing to heal.

How do you help a migrating belly button piercing?

Take the jewellery out of the piercing and call it a day. The piercing will continue to migrate and will eventually drop the piercing altogether. Removing the jewellery now will allow your body to maintain the tissue and prevent the formation of scar tissue. After a few weeks you could go and talk to your local professional body piercing about having the piercing redone deeper behind the migrating piercing.

I am pregnant and because I hit my belly on everything the piercing is really red and the skin has become thin so I removed it. How do a heal a navel piercing?

If they piercing had not fully healed before you took the jewellery out it could become infected. If the inital piercing had healed, the soreness and redness should go do on its own. You can help it by using ice, and keeping the area clean.

Does putting ice on your belly button before getting it pierced help reduce the pain?

It worked on my ears idont see how it wouldn't work on your belly button.

What to put to help heal your lip piercing fast?

Salt water or saline solution on the outside of the lip around the piercing. Alcohol-free mouthwash on the inside of the mouth around the piercing

The longest amount of time for a piercing to heal?

It would help if you said which piercing you ment. But any way I would say bridge and steptum piercings.

Does anti bacterial soap help heal infected belly button piercings?

Pretty much any kind of soap is going to irritate it. The best thing to use is just sea salt and warm water.

Should girls have hair on their belly button?

It is not abnormal for girls to have hair on their belly button. This can be caused by a testosterone imbalance. See a doctor to help you balance your hormones, you should not attempt this on your own.

Belly button ring has a blackish scab help?

If your belly button ring has a blackish scab you may have torn it or pulled it a little on your clothing. As long as there is not discharge or redness, it isn't infected.

How long can you leave a belly button piercing out before it closes?

It depends on how old the piercing is. If it's over a year old, then you can go a couple of days. If it's under a year old, then a couple of hours. The newer the piercing is, the less time you have with it removed before it starts becoming difficult to put it back in. If it closes, then go in to see your local professional body piercer for some help.

Can a belly button ring get infected?

Belly button rings can cause infection very easily if not cleaned at least once a day. The best way to prevent an infection is to clean it with antibacterial soap, such as Dial, once or twice a day. Applying alcohol or peroxide can dry the skin out and help with infection, so do not use those. Do not use lotions around the belly button as this can cause a moist environment for bacteria to set in and cause infection. The last thing able to prevent an infection is to not touch the piercing until the belly button is healed. Bothering it before then can easily move germs back and forth between the ring and wound, so leave it to set before taking it out.

How long until you can change a belly button ring after getting it pierced?

Any professional body piercer will tell you the jewelry should be left in place for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. Here's the reason, changing the jewelry too soon puts unneeded stress on the newly forming tissue in the piercing. This can damage the piercing and prolong the healing time substantially. There is no real reason to change the jewelry other than vanity, that being the case leave it alone and let it heal with the jewelry that was meant to help heal the piercing. No piercing is considered healed until it's a year old by this time the piercing is seasoned enough that it can handle being changed without causing issues with the piercing. If you really need to change the jewelry, have your piercer do it for you the first time so it's done in a clean manner. Be aware of junk jewelry. The world is full of it, this stuff can cause serious issues with your piercing. Rule of thumb when buying body piercing jewelry, unless they actually do body piercing at the location you are buying the jewelry from, don't buy it.

How much does a belly button piercing usually cost in Indiana?

Your best bet is to call the local body piercing studios and ask what they charge and what is included in the fees they charge, then do your comparison shopping from there. You need to base your decision on a few factors, how long have they been doing piercing, what type of jewellery do they use (can you choose your jewellery) and what kind of support do they offer post piercing. If you have issues will they help you out? Remember cheap piercings are not good and good piercing are not always cheap, shopping for the lowest price may not be your best bet.

Will it hurt to put Epsom salt on a nose piercing?

You don't want to put Epsom Salt OR table salt on ANY piercing. They contain sugar and will cause infection. The ONLY thing to put on a fresh piercing is SEA SALT. Using 1/4tsp of sea salt with 8oz. of warm water, and soak the piercing for about 10 minutes twice a day. It is the best thing to help heal your piercing. When you are in the shower, use Dial soap to clean it also. But sea salt soaks are amazing for helping heal a piercing.

How long does it take a belly piercing to heal with a sore in it?

I have had my belly button pierced for almost two years now with no problems, but I have seen several of my friends belly button piercing's become infected and grow sores or bumps around or near the infected area. First, let me warn you- DO NOT POP THIS SORE OR BUBBLE! It will bleed and only cause it to grow larger. Second, the best thing you can do is go back to the piercer. Have them check it out and give you their advice. Perhaps you are not cleaning it often enough, or not cleaning it with the right tools. So to answer your question specifically, sores and bumps could clear up anywhere from two weeks to over a year, depending on how you handle the situation. Please be wise about this and seek out professional help!

Is pus dangerous in a piercing?

Pus is the result of an infection. You should definitely apply an antiseptic agent of some kind - personally I like tincture of iodine. If the infection does not heal, you will need medical help (but chances are it will heal).