How can you help a rabbits broken leg?

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Take it to the vets. The vets are very specially trained people, and will know exactly what to do about it.

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How do you know if a hamster's leg is broken?

The hamster will be lazy. You should pick it up gently. If it is dragging it's foot it could just be sprained, only if they can move it. If you have the money take it to the vet. Also pray for it. Only a vet can tell you for sure, but if you even suspect it has a broken leg, you should follow the sa ( Full Answer )

Guinea pig broken leg?

Make an emergency appointment to see the vet straight away! Meanwhile wrap a blanket round your guinea pig and comfort it.

How do you know if your dogs leg is broken?

Generally, the leg will swell up very large and the dog will not put any weight on the leg. He may also whine, hide away from people or try to get very close to you (depending on his personality). If you suspect a broken leg, I suggest you take your dog to your veterinarian - a simple physical exam ( Full Answer )

How can you help heal a ducks broken leg without taking him to the vetno ability to drive?

very easy and only takes 2 weeks to work split the leg with loipop sticks etc wrap up with tape bingo job done rember the ducks leg bends the other way to ours if bones are sticking out could be a good idea to take to vets to fix most vets tend to say it will be kinder to put the duck to sleep //// ( Full Answer )

What supplements can I give my dog to help mend his broken leg?

You should consult with a vet before changing an injured dog's diet. Healing dogs in general benefit from lots of fresh water and lots and lots of sleep, and a healthy, natural dog food that does not contain fillers. Healing dogs also benefit from affection and cuddling to soothe them. Supplements m ( Full Answer )

How did pioneers treat a broken leg?

If it was a dislocation, they'd pull it back into place like they do today. If it was a break that remained contained, i.e. bone not sticking out of the skin, they would pull it back into place the best they could and then splint it. Tie to boards or rods on either side of the leg. If the bone poppe ( Full Answer )

How was a broken leg treated in 1845?

A broken leg was probably reset if necessary (most of the time without any anaesthetic, so very painful), splinted and left to heal, unless the fracture(s) was/were too severe and/or it got infected, in which case the leg probably had to be amputated.

How do you treat a broken leg in the 1800s?

If you have broken your leg in the 1800's, take a piece of wood or something solid and put it under your leg. Take indian leather and wrap it around the leg and wood. Chill cold rocks in a river and set them over the leather. Leave rocks on leg for 20-30 minutes. Leave homemade ''cast" on for 8 wee ( Full Answer )

Treating a waterfowls broken leg?

Immobilize the bird (wrap it gently in some comfortable fabric in order to reduce stress) and get it to a vet or an animal rescue expert.

How do you fix a broken human leg?

The bone has to be set (the broken ends pulled back together) and a cast applied to keep the leg immobile until the bones grow back together.

What do you do with a hamster that has broken back legs?

Take them to the vet- that is if your local vet accepts hamsters. There, they can either give them pain medication and make casts for the hamsters. They will next splint the leg. If the leg is severely broken may ask to remove the leg.And maybe kill them

How do you tell if your cats leg is broken?

you can tell if your cats leg is broken if it is consistently lying down or limping or favori ng lying on one side than another. you can tell if your cats leg is broken if it is consistently lying down or limping or favori ng lying on one side than another

How do you help a hurt cicada if it has a broken leg and a broke wing?

Chances are that there is not much you can do to help a hurt cicadaif it has a broken leg and a broke wing. The best thing for it isto place it in a terrarium where lizards and other predators can'treach it. Be sure it has a source of food and water if you keep it.

How to Help baby rabbit with broken spine?

You're not going to like this, but the most humane thing to do is terminate the rabbit's life. You can't afford to take him to the vet, and any self-respecting vet would not subject the rabbit to such pain. The rabbit has no quality of life at this point, and the most responsible thing to do is end ( Full Answer )

How do you help a sprained or broken leg?

Sprained is different to breaking. To deal with a sprain you would use the RICE treatment.. For a broken leg you would need to elevate it and kepp it still. Moving it will make it worse. Preferably you need to ring an ambulance and be taken to the hospital asap

Do you have a broken leg?

No, I do not have a broken leg, i had a broken arm but not a broken leg

What do guinea pigs do when they have broken leg legs?

Well my little sister accidentally droped my piggy from her sholder and it wasen't till last night i had noticed that he wasen't walking on his right back foot so i took him to the vet to day and they said "The best thing to do is separate it from any other Guinea Pigs you might have and in a smalle ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you have a broken leg?

run for your life. ANSWER . Immobilize the leg with whatever stiff material you have, even if it's only a magazine. Go to the hospital. If you are alone, call 911.

What do you do when you have a broken leg?

Elevate the leg, and don't walk a lot.. Call 911. The leg could have increased swelling and lead to compartment syndrome, which could in turn lead to amputation.

Are there any animal shelters in Miami that will help fix your dog broken leg?

Are there any animal shelters in Miami that will help fix my dog broken leg? he is a 5yr old toy poodle and the vet is saying it may cost 4000 and that he has a disc spondolisis. I thought this disease was for much older dogs. can someone please help me. My dog is nonresponsive he does not use his b ( Full Answer )

How do you help a kittens broken leg?

Firstly - TAKE IT TO YOUR LOCAL VET They will instruct you on the best procedure. Otherwise - time, love and patience.

How can you get a broken leg?

Run it over with a car or jump of the bed like a jack wagon and twist ur leg sideways

Can a dog die from a broken leg?

No, not if the broken leg has not broken the skin and there is no bleeding. The animal should be looked at by a vet to set the leg.

What to do when someone has a broken leg?

DO NOT MOVE THE PERSON. Moving them only makes it worse. Ask them to turn their head and move their arms. If they can, they probably aren't paralyzed or have spinal issues. If they can't, they are in big trouble. It's best to not touch them at all if this is so. Next, call 911 and ask for an ambulan ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if you have broken leg?

If you feel: . extreme pain in your whole leg . a feeling of extreme pressure in your whole leg . bruises that take up a large portion of your leg . inability to move your leg If you're lacking any of these, you're fine you retard . If you have ALL of these and they last for a real ( Full Answer )

What does a broken leg look like?

My leg is broken at the ankle. It is very swollen, hot and painful, and bruised all over, from my foot to the middle of my calf.

What treatments to do have to take with a broken leg?

Apart from the surgical or plaster that one gets for treatment of leg injuries. One also needs to take some precautions like non weight bearing and use of crutches while walking. These are highly important for proper healing of broken leg.

Is your dogs leg broken or sprained?

If you think your dog has hurt it's leg I'd recommend taking it to the vets. You don't want it to suffer unnecessarily. If it's limping check first that it doesn't have a cut or something stuck in it's paw.

How do you get a broken leg?

Well you can do a lot of things!For example i fall off the stairs(by accident).You can also fell from somewhere BUT do not try it!!

Can rabbits survive after a broken back?

Short answer - No, they will drag themselves around by their front feet until they get too weak to do it. They will lose control of their bowels and bladder and they will be unable to drag themselves to feed and water. Flies will get into the mess left by lack of bowel control and lay eggs. Not a pr ( Full Answer )

Why am a attracked to girls with broken legs?

Perhaps you have an attraction to women who seem vulnerable or helpless, and you like to take care of them. There are also people who have a fetish for injuries and/or scars, although it is relatively uncommon. If it bothers you, consider talking to a therapist or a counselor about it.

How do you know if your budgie has broken its legs?

here are some ways to tell: . legs will be swolen . they will not walk/run around . they might sit in the same spot for a long time . they might be dead if they can not climb across a perch to get food (in this case put a small bottle cap of food and water next to them)

How do rabbit ears help a rabbit?

Ears help rabbits to hear, of course! (But if it is arctic hare, even though it may hear better, it does not keep warmth inside.) Rabbits also use their ears to communicate with. They can move them backwards and forwards, lock them to the side, and they can rotate them so that the openings face o ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a broken leg in a sheep?

Take it to a veterinarian, they will be able to splint the leg or amputate it if the break is too bad to fix or depending on which leg is broken you might try a piece of poly pipe with cotton wool padding and a bandage to support the break until it is healed or it may just be more economical to euth ( Full Answer )

How do you get into a car with a broken leg?

If you sit on the seat then twil around leaving your foot out then lift your foot up and into the car! It worked for my mum who broke her foot and my Nanna who had her knee replaced!

How do I fix your rooster's broken leg?

I don't have a rooster... therefore it doesn't have a broken leg (in fact, it doesn't have a leg at all), therefore your question is invalid.

What do you do if someone has broken there leg?

if someone has broken there leg and they are in a road, the best thing you can do is get a cussen and make that leg nice a relaxed, dont let him move it due to he might make it worse, give him some pain killers and call 999 as fast as you can and waight for the ambulance to come and give him some st ( Full Answer )

What can you do to help a rabbit with a broken hand?

A rabbit with a broken bone must see a vet with experience and knowledge in rabbits immediately. There's nothing you can do for the rabbit at home: it must see a vet. Do not attempt to wrap or splint the broken area, because you could do more harm than good. Just put the rabbit in a pet carrier sur ( Full Answer )