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There are anumber of pests and diseases that cacti can be affected by, and without the details it is hard to tell. Usually, problems are caused by overwatering, lack of sun, low temperatures and a variety of pests.

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Can you get sick from a cactus?

You can get spicked but not sick

How does the desert help the cactus survive?

The desert does not help the cactus survive. The cactus survives despite the desert due to its adaptations..

Why is there a waxy layer on a cactus stem?

To help the cactus conserve water.

How does a vacuole help a cactus stay alive?

The vacuole stores water and nutrients that help keep the cactus alive.

How does the leaves of the cactus help it to survive?

The Leaves of Cactus are prickly and sharp. Cactus have leaves like this to prevent predators and other animals to eat them.

What do cactus need to live?

As a cactus is a form of a plant, it will require sunlight for photosynthesis and water to stop it from drying out and to help the cactus plant grow.

Why does a root of a cactus help it to survive in its normal habitat?

because it helps bring precipitation to the cactus...

Are there results for studies on the medicinal use of cactus for diabetes?

Pear Cactus is used to help with diabetes, but no studies prove that Pear Cactus will cure diabetes.

How do woodpeckers interact with cactus in a desert?

Well birds protect the cactus.They help it grow.And theyspread seeds so the cactus can reproduce somewhere else.

How does a spine on a cactus help it to survive?

they always absorb sunlight, and sorry no other answers. Never touch a cactus!

What do the leaves of cactus helps the cactus?

the leaves of a cactus help get the suns nutrition foe the plant to grow None pretty much and formally proper cactus have no leaves only it's convergently evolved cousins do.

How cactus adapt?

they can adapt with the help of thir spines.

How do spines help a cactus?

They protect them from grazing animals.

Why does a cactus have a waxy coat?

to help stop evaporation

What are the adaptations of cactus that help the cactus to survive?

in the body of the cactus, water is stored as not much rain falls where cacti are. cacti have thorns to prevent themselves from being eaten by predators.

How can thick waxy skin help cactus survive?

A cactus' waxy skin helps it retain moisture in desert climates.

How do deep roots help the cactus?

it absorbs more water

Can a cactus help us survive in a desert?

Yes for water.

How do flowers help cactus plants survive in the desert?

Flowers help cactus plants survive in the desert by attracting pollinators. Because of pollination, the cactus plants may have fruits full of seeds. For example, the giant saguaro cactus [Carnegiea gigantea] depends upon bats for pollination of its huge, light colored bat blossoms.

How do you help the sick miltank in Pokemon silver the original?

To help the sick Pokemon you have to find about 10 or more berries to help miltank.

How do the spines on a cactus help it survive?

Spines: Spines help the cactus in several ways. The most obvious use of the spines is for protection against foragers. The cactus basically states "How much pain are you willing to indure to get a drink in this desert?"; Surprisingly, some animals do partake. In some cactus varieties the spines participate in water collection. Water from dew condenses on spines and, in some cactus species, downward-pointing spines help to direct rainwater to the roots of the plant. Spines help to reflect light away from the cactus stem theoretically lowering the stem temperature. Some spines also trap in a layer of air next to the cactus stem preventing loss of water via evaporative cooling.

What cells help?

white cells help protect you when you get sick. Your white cell can also get weaker when you get sick

How does the stem of a cactus help it survive in a environment?

The stem of a cactus is able to store water during rainy periods for use during a drought.

My dog is sick?

If your dog is sick, take him/her to the veterinarian, who will be equipped to help you.

What fruits help lower diabetes?

Prickly Pear Cactus fruit