How can you help a trapped paranormal being?

Hmm.... You mean like a genie in a bottle? Well I guess the easiest way to do it is uncork the bottle.

Hint: vacuum tubes (like from an old 1920's radio) and light bulbs

look a lot like bottles, now don't they. Break them open.

==new answer== We all fit into this category, since we are a soul existing in a physical body. We are experiencing entrapment in the physical existence until we are able to fully identify with our true identity which will allow us to go home. Entrapment means simply that we have accepted the limitations of physical life which is contrary to what is real. What is real can be experienced only by rising above the physical existence. When we limit ourselves to only what can be perceived through the five senses, we are only looking at a small portion of who we are. At this point in time, the greatest need for humanity is to develop perception so that we can respond from a standpoint of being more whole. So, the answer, as I see it is to use the truth we now have and be open to a higher truth. For anything we read, hear or experience, there can be up to seven levels of truth connected to it. To limit ourselves to only the initial perception is to remain entrapped. All that is really necessary is to realize and admit that there is always more, and make it our job to look for it. the greatest mistake anyone can make is to think that what they now have is all there is.