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How can you help a trapped paranormal being?


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Hmm.... You mean like a genie in a bottle? Well I guess the easiest way to do it is uncork the bottle.

Hint: vacuum tubes (like from an old 1920's radio) and light bulbs

look a lot like bottles, now don't they. Break them open.

==new answer== We all fit into this category, since we are a soul existing in a physical body. We are experiencing entrapment in the physical existence until we are able to fully identify with our true identity which will allow us to go home. Entrapment means simply that we have accepted the limitations of physical life which is contrary to what is real. What is real can be experienced only by rising above the physical existence. When we limit ourselves to only what can be perceived through the five senses, we are only looking at a small portion of who we are. At this point in time, the greatest need for humanity is to develop perception so that we can respond from a standpoint of being more whole. So, the answer, as I see it is to use the truth we now have and be open to a higher truth. For anything we read, hear or experience, there can be up to seven levels of truth connected to it. To limit ourselves to only the initial perception is to remain entrapped. All that is really necessary is to realize and admit that there is always more, and make it our job to look for it. the greatest mistake anyone can make is to think that what they now have is all there is.


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The best place to go for help is as they offer a load of advice and help about the paranormal.

It depends on what you feel that you are trapped in. An abusive relationship? Controlling parents? Try to find out what it is that you feel your trapped in and confront the problem head on, and you should be able to overcome it and remove the feeling of being trapped.

Someone with the capability of seeing, hearing, and/or feeling things that aren't really there... or ghosts that are there. Or the show Paranormal State where they investigate people's houses and try to help stop their paranormal phenomenas.

Normal is well.... Normal... Paranormal is Beyond normal... For example, Lets assume a normal human being can lift their body weight in a bench press. Paranormal Strength would be like superman. Keep in mind, because something is paranormal does NOT mean that it is supernatural. Yawning for example is considered by paranormal. Migration of fish and birds are considered paranormal. There are many examples in nature that is paranormal, but not supernatural.

Check the newspaper in the Help Wanted section. Or, if you have enough money saved, create your own Paranormal Investigation Business!!

Yes, about the grandmother. being Evil.

People are often times afraid of things they don't understand - and few people have a firm grasping on the paranormal, leading to fear on the subject. One way to remove the fear is to educate and help those who are feeling victimized or frightened by paranormal activity. Professional paranormal research groups, like The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) exist solely to help educate folks on the paranormal, in the hopes that no one will ever have to be afraid of it again.Other people may be afraid for specific reasons, such as phobias, religious affinities, or frightening personal experiences in the paranormal. While we ourselves should try to not be afraid of the paranormal, we must also be sympathetic and understanding to those who are - they may have a legitimate reason for their fears.

In a word, no. You can develop your sensitivity to spirits by yourself, or join a paranormal group and they will teach you everything you need to know. Over time, you will start to become more aware. Most people do paranormal investigations as a hobby, or you could start a paranormal research team and help people with spirit infestations or cleansing haunted buildings. OR you could become a medium (which may take many years) or a psychic artist, which involves being a clairvoyant.

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As I believe it there is no such salary for just being a paranormal investigator. Many make ther money from books, tv shows or lecturing at universities

Acne is the result of sebum being trapped in a follicle with a piece of dirt or bacteria.I hope this helps you! :)

No, it's the opposite: Paranormal Entity is a lame rip-off of Paranormal Activity.

Well a Paranormal Archaeologist is much like being a Paranormal Psychologist but instead of people you work with buildings and artifacts. Paranormal Archaeologists study things like the pyramids, Stonehenge, and many other mystical sites. They also work with researching ancient alien sites like those in South America and Mexico. First thing is go to college and study Archeology. Just like a parapsychologist studies psychology. Then you do your research on paranormal locations, for your Masters or Doctorate theses. Write some scientific articles and maybe a few books. Constantly do research and help innovate the field. Other forms of science that will help you out is Torsion Field Theory. There is a couple Paranormal Archaeologists I know that use torsion field detectors a lot. That's pretty much how you do it!

It short, it tells us to stay away from it.

I would guess mostly for their fur.

Nothing rhymes with paranormal.

The short answer: Yes. You must be dedicated, educated, empathetic, logic-based, and skeptical to be a paranormal investigator. You must understand the history of paranormal research to understand your role in it today. Study as many different religions as you can to gain valuable insight going back thousands of years regarding the paranormal. There are many, many quality books available for budding paranormal investigators. Most investigators employ a wide range of technology to help aid them in their investigations, and that equipment all requires some level of training to use properly (however, the best tool that a paranormal investigator can have is their own brain). If you go into a case, determined to help someone who is feeling victimized by paranormal activity, you must be learned in the subject in order to help. If a client feels they're being attacked by a demonic force, but they're really just suffering from a creaky house, how can you tell the difference? Are those banging cabinets mice, or your client's long dead great-grandfather trying to communicate with his living relatives? Researching the paranormal will help you be able to better determine how to help your clients. There's also personal safety to consider. If you are dealing with a negative entity, or possible inhuman haunt, what do you do? How do you keep yourself and your team safe? All those questions must be answered - and they can be with a little bit of study and training.

It means that your kind of trapped between "a rock and a hard place". Tough decisions.

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1943, after being push from Egypt and Lybyia.

probably about paranormal activity

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