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How can you help an alcoholic stay sober?

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Beverly Rayfield, who worked closely with Dr David Sinclair - founder of the Sinclair Method, has written an E-Book that has a great section on staying sober. Check it out at Answer: Firstly, being an expert and fully qualified alcoholic, the person needs to recognize the fact that he or she has a problem. It would then help to go to AA, 30 meetings in 30 days is the best advice. The you need to remove the risk of exposure; remove it from the home, change social patterns, do not drink yourself and give constant encouragement. Generally the changes a person experiences are profound and immediate, however it's a very, very long road... Change the behavior, the pattern of life and break the circle.... I am a 22 year recovered alcoholic. The answer to your question is complex. Alcolholism is a family illness and everyone is affected. If you are a spouse or other relative, the best thing you can do for the alcoholic is to call Alanon (in the phone book), go to one of their meetings yourself and learn how not to enable the alcoholic to stay in his illness. He/She can get well . If you are a concerned friend , you can get other friends and family members together to do an intervention, (call AA Inergoup in your phone directory for suggestions about this). The bottom line is the Aloholic MUST want help and be willing to attend Alcoholics Anonymous If they are not, the intervention may help, but here are a few other suggestions. 1. Never give an alcoholic money

2. Never argue with an alcoholic, delay conversations till when they are sober (unless in emergency situation)

3. Dont hide their liquor.

4. Do get advise from a professional or another sober alcoholic in AA,

5. Set boundaries, pray, and take good care of yourself first.
An alcoholic can be helped by simply taking the person to a rehab.

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Who relied on daily eucharist to help him stay sober?


Is Martin Sheen a Sober alcoholic?

Yes, he is.

How can to help stay sober?

eat bread and drink salt water

Is non-alcoholic beer safe for alcoholics to drink?

Non-Alcoholic Beer has alcohol in it. It is not truly "non"-alcoholic. If you are an alcoholic and you are using one of the abstinence methods to try to recover (such as AA) then, NO, non-alcoholic beer would NOT be safe because it has alcohol in it and consuming alcohol would break the abstinence from alcohol. Either the person wants to stay sober or s/he does not. If the person drinks non-alcoholic beer, s/he is not staying sober.

Does a recovering alcoholic smell bad?

No - a recovering alcoholic is sober. They smell no better or worse than anyone else ffs

How can you beat a breathalyzer test?

By staying sober, drink none alcoholic drinks.

What are the purpose of Alcoholic Anonymous meetings?

The purpose of Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are to offer a support to alcoholics looking to stay sober and overcome their addiction. These programs frequently offer good success rates due to the support that not being alone in your problems gives.

Is Bonnie raitt an Alcoholic?

Yes. She still describes herself as an alcoholic and drug addict, but has been clean and sober for over 18 years.

Is alcoholism treatable?

Sadly, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, and there is no cure for it. Meaning, once they do stop drinking, they can never again have another drink, not even "just one". With an alcoholic, there is no such thing as "just one", that's why they are alcoholics. But it can be treated, as can many diseases. And that's what alcoholism is - a disease. Far too often, there is a stigma attached to alcoholics, which makes them reluctant to seek help; they are embarassed, guilty and ashamed, and even try to keep their alcoholism secret. But the only shame in alcoholism would be in not getting help for it, since it is a disease.If one had any other disease, such as cancer, depression, diabetes, etc., they would seek medical assistance and/or counseling. It should be no different with alcoholism, because it is no different - it's a disease, but it is treatable, provided the person *wants* the life saving and life changing treatment. They have to want it; you cannot force an alcoholic to get treatment.The first (and hardest step) is for the alcoholic to admit they are an alcoholic, and to stop drinking. But there are treatments, medications and methods, as well as counseling to help with that, and ways to help an alcoholic stay clean and sober once they do get sober.If you have a loved one that is an alcoholic, you have to resolve to not be an enabler. That means you do not assist them in their drinking, nor do you accept excuses for it. Let them know you love them, and will support them in their recovery (recovery is a lifelong process), but you will not accept their drinking any longer. You can contact your local AA (Alcoholics Annonymous), which will help you plan an intervention for your loved one, and will help not only the alcoholic, but provide counseling to you and your family, as well.If you are an alcoholic, please, realize what you are doing to your life, and the lives of all who love you. Alcoholism has no "cure", but once you take that first step and admit you are an alcoholic, and seek medical help to stop drinking and counseling to help you stay sober, your life can be far better than you ever imagined it could be.

Will time help sober up a person?

Only time will sober a person.

What has the author Toby Rice Drews written?

Toby Rice Drews has written: 'Getting Them Sober Complete' 'Sex and the Sober Alcoholic' 'The 350 Secondary Diseases/Disorders to Alcoholism'

Does coffee help you sober up?


Percentage of people who stay sober?

You can consider a person who is not an alcoholic as being sober. There are more than 12,000,000 alcoholics in the United States, which is about 5 percent of the total population. This means 95 percent are sober, although you will find more than 75 percent of adults drink alcohol to some degree and that more than 75 percent of all high school students have been drunk at least once

Name this song please why can't we just stay sober and why can't you sleep forever i am just an and i am just an imbecile?

tool - sober

What can you do for a girl that lives with an alcoholic?

Try to get the alcoholic some help, if being an alcoholic is the problem then solve the problem, try to help the alcoholic. But there would need to be more information, are they in a relationship, roomates, old friends, family? Either way the problem is the alcohoism, why are you looking at helping "the girl", she isn't the one with the problem, help the one with the problem "the alcoholic". I assume the girl is a friend well to help your friend you need to help her roomate (the alcoholic she lives with). Your question should be what can you do to help an alcoholic? If you help the alcoholic you will help your friend. If their relationship is dangerous get the girl out, but don't forget the drunk "he or she" needs help.

What is a tum tum to an alcoholic?

One thing about a tum tum for an alcoholic is that just outside of Amboy, Washington, every year there is a gathering for Native Americans who are alcoholic to help them stay sober for the duration of the festival, usually a weekend. It is held at Tum Tum Mountain, a perfectly conical-shaped small mountain/large hill, long held as a sacred place for the Native Americans. There is food, dancing, drumming, flute music, and goods for sale. It has a more spiritual bent to it than a Pow-Wow.

How do you get somebody to see that they are an alcoholic?

The only way an alcoholic will see it themselves is when they are willing to admit the fact that they need help with their drinking. Even if they do admit it, they always think that they can stop whenever they want, which of course they cannot. All anyone can do is to offer help and be able to talk sense into them when they have a sober moment. Offer to take them to AA or have someone from AA come and speak with them.

How a recovering alcoholic manipulates the sober spouse?

Alcoholics can manipulate a spouse through the use of guilt, shame and other emotions.

What is the fastest way to sober up?

I do not believe there is a "fastest" way to sober up. Once the alcohol is in the system, no matter what you do, it will stay there until it is flushed out.

Did Lillian Roth stay sober until she died?

Ms. Roth got sober in 1946 and remained abstinent until her death in 1980.

What are the release dates for nitTWITS - 2011 Be Nice and Stay Sober 1-3?

nitTWITS - 2011 Be Nice and Stay Sober 1-3 was released on: USA: 9 September 2011

What do you call Someone who does not drink alcohol?

non - achoholic jeez not very smart are u?? And the term meaning you are not drunk: sober no - a non-alcoholic (not achoholic) is someone who does not suffer from alcoholism; a disease where the body is dependent on alcohol. One can drink yet not be a alcoholic. One term for someone who abstains from drinking any alcohol is a teetotaller. Further, sober means many things besides "not drunk", and you can be neither drunk nor sober.

Did sir john a MacDonald drink a lot?

Sir John A Macdonald was a chronic alcoholic. He was drunk more often than he was sober.

What help is there for an alcoholic?


How high is ace frehley?

Ace Frehley was much more of an alcoholic then a druggie, although he did do a fair amount of illegal drugs. Never less, during his days in Kiss he almost always either high or wasted.Ace is now trying to stay sober