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How can you help an alcoholic stay sober?

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2015-09-24 21:57:25

Beverly Rayfield, who worked closely with Dr David Sinclair -

founder of the Sinclair Method, has written an E-Book that has a

great section on staying sober. Check it out at Answer: Firstly, being an expert and

fully qualified alcoholic, the person needs to recognize the fact

that he or she has a problem. It would then help to go to AA, 30

meetings in 30 days is the best advice. The you need to remove the

risk of exposure; remove it from the home, change social patterns,

do not drink yourself and give constant encouragement. Generally

the changes a person experiences are profound and immediate,

however it's a very, very long road... Change the behavior, the

pattern of life and break the circle.... I am a 22 year recovered

alcoholic. The answer to your question is complex. Alcolholism is a

family illness and everyone is affected. If you are a spouse or

other relative, the best thing you can do for the alcoholic is to

call Alanon (in the phone book), go to one of their meetings

yourself and learn how not to enable the alcoholic to stay in his

illness. He/She can get well . If you are a concerned friend , you

can get other friends and family members together to do an

intervention, (call AA Inergoup in your phone directory for

suggestions about this). The bottom line is the Aloholic MUST

want help and be willing to attend Alcoholics

Anonymous If they are not, the intervention may help, but here

are a few other suggestions. 1. Never give an alcoholic money

2. Never argue with an alcoholic, delay conversations till when

they are sober (unless in emergency situation)

3. Dont hide their liquor.

4. Do get advise from a professional or another sober alcoholic

in AA,

5. Set boundaries, pray, and take good care of yourself


An alcoholic can be helped by simply taking the person to a


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