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you can donate moneys to help cheetahs with health care,food, and shelter.

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How can people help save the cheetah?

to help save a cheetah... YOU MUST PURSUE THE TRUTH! ^_^

What do people help cheetah with?

they help them with not killing them for their fur and help them breeding

What animals help out the cheetah?

A zookeeper.

How do you help the cheetah to not become endangered?

protest and help out with the charities

What characteristics helps a cheetah to survive in a biome?

the cheetah has claws that help make it the fastest animal.

How do cheetahs help other cheetahs?

Cheetahs often stick in groups to help each other out. When one cheetah is injured, the other cheetahs help that injured cheetah to move on.

What can you do to help the cheetah survive?

we can not litter and not hunt after them.

What are adaptations to help a cheetah find food?

A cheetahs strong legs helps it go fast. THe adaptation of a cheetah to help it find food is its legs.

How can people save the cheetah?

You can help save the cheetah by donating money, or STOP BUYING ANIMAL FUR!

What you can do to help cheetahs?

you cant buy cheetah fur

Is the cheetah near extiction?

Yes, you can help though.

What body parts help a cheetah run?

the feet

What are some of the habits that help the cheetah to survive?


How do cheetahs breath?

The cheetah has enlarged nasal passages. As the chase nears an end and the cheetah is going for the kill, those enlarged passages actually help the cheetah breath easier.

Animal names with E and A in them?

Cheetah Tetra Zebra Does that help?

How does the adaptation of a cheetah help to get their food?

they get it from the people that they drop their food

What does the long flexible spine of the cheetah help it to do?

run fast

How can education helps save cheetahs?

If we learn about cheetah, we can know more about cheetah. Like you can learn more about its habitat and the food a cheetah eats . Education can help save cheetahs by giving a right food a cheetah eats and giving it the right habitat.

How to save a cheetah?

Help support the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia which cares for rescued cheetahs and educates the public and ranchers on cheetah conservation. The Cheetah Conservation Fund's goal is to ensure the long-term survival of the cheetah and its ecosystem through a multi-disciplined and integrated conservation program of research and education.

How can you help the cheetah increase its population?

by not killing or hunting cheetahs anymore:)

Does the cheetah have a defense?

Its speed can help it runaway from other enemies/predators.

What was the longest living cheetah?

Hey, Well aparently the longesst living cheetah was 13 years old I read it somewhere in a book. Happy to help you, =]

What are some ways to help the Asiatic cheetah?

One way is to donate money to organizations that help with deforestation problems.

What can people do to help cheetahs survive?

If you want to help a cheetah survive, maybe donate to an animal place where there are cheetahs.

How do cheetah run fast?

their slim bodies and strong muscles help them run

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