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Q: How can you help preserve and protect the environment?
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What is a lion preserve?

A wildlife preserve is an area set aside to protect the animals in their natural environment.

What should you do to protect endangered animals?

Preserve their natural environment and don't kill theM!

How can you help to preserve your environment?

by not letting rubbish on the floor and keeping the environment clean not dirty.

How will gecko tape help us preserve the environment?

It won't!

How does the RSPB help protect the environment?


What do state governments do to protect the environment?

The state governments protect the environment by enforcing various laws to protect the environment. The state governments can also develop policies that will help in protecting the environment.

What are the ways to preserve and protect your country?

what are the ways to preserve and protect our country?

Why should we protect our environment?

It is important to protect our environment to preserve natural resources essential to human life. With out things like clean water and fossil fuels, life would become unmanageable.

The president recently set aside large expenses of Alaska as wilderness to preserve its natural beauty this is an example of?

The power of the federal government to protect the environment!!!!! The power of the federal government to protect the environment!!!!!

What is environment awareness?

to be aware of the things that you can do to help protect your environment from harmful elements.

How does recycling metal help protect the environment?

otherwise you

Why does CAFOD help the environment?

they protect rear plants

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