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If you are talking about an specific number of illegal immigrants you know personally, Well there is not much you can do. You have to be a company/corporatio n to sponsor unknown illegals. It is also almost impossible to get employment visas for uneducated, unskilled immigrants.

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Q: How can you help several illegal Mexican immigrants who desperately want to become legal citizens or get legal green cards in the United States?
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How can the average citizen find if a Mexican family is illegal immigrants?

Ask the Mexican Family face to face. "Are you illegal immigrants?".

Can illegal Mexican immigrants get Social Security benefits?


Can illegal immigrants become legal us citizens?

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Immigrants are these until they become naturalized citizens?

illegal aliens

Did Herbert Hoover sign a force repatriation against the legal Mexican citizens of the united states?

There was a bill passed in 1929 before Hoover was president to deport illegal Mexican immigrants. Hoover did his job to enforce it, expressing objection to people who did not respect the law and citing a need for jobs by US citizens Unfortunately, probably without Hoover's knowledge, some legal immigrants, particularly US born children of illegal adults were deported as well.

How do illegal immigrants become US citizens if they were deported?

They don't. They are sent home.

Can illegal immigrants get unemployment benefits?

I think not, since these are supposed to be for US citizens.

How are immigrants treated today?

Legal immigrants are (for thee most part) treated like average citizens. While Illegal immigrants are not.

Do illegal immigrants parents have to be naturalized before their children become citizens?

Children can be citizens on their own. For example- illegal alien gives birth in the U.S., the illegal mother is still illegal but the child would be a U.S. citizen.

Does Barack Obama like Mexicans?

Barack Obama likes law abiding Mexican citizens even they enter the US legally. He can not support illegal immigrants and he does not. However, he has directed his immigration officers not to bother illegal immigrants who are not causing trouble and he has directed his attorney general to file suit against Arizona for their new law that requires police to investigate the immigration status of people stopped for other law violations. He supports law abiding Mexican citizens. Actually, deportations of undocumented immigrants have increased under the Obama administration ...

How did illegal immigrants jobs effect the US citizens?

Illegal immigrants were ready to take up even the low paying jobs that were not appealing to the US citizens. This led to the citizens being jobless which ultimately lead to a lot of unrest in the country. Who will be happy about someone else usurping their chances of making a living?

Should young illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in the United States?

If they are mexican no, if they aren't yes

What do illegal immigrants have to do different from citizens?

nothing, that's the problem. they don't even have to speak English.

Did JFK ever give amnesty to illegal immigrants?

no. he allowed legal aliens to become citizens

What illegal immigrants are crossing the Mexican border?

Most illegal immigrants from Mexico are people with little to no education (most are former peasants) who don't earn enough to support their families and are forced to look for alternatives.

How many illegal immigrants pass over the American - Mexican border wall every year?


Is Lou Dobbs of CNN anti-Mexican and anti-Latino?

Anyone that watches Lou Dobbs more than occasionally has heard him say repeatedly that he is not anti against any race. He is against ILLEGAL races of all peoples that come here ILLEGALLY . The majority of American CITIZENS are also against (anti) anyone who comes here illegally. It just happens that Mexico is the biggest offender of ILLEGALS, so they are named the most. But we citizens welcome all those who have come here LEGALLY. To all that listen to Lou Dobbs regularly, he has repeatedly said he is Not anti Latino or Mexican immigrants. He has repeatedly said he is ANTI ILLEGAL immigrants, regardless of their race. ILLEGAL is the key word. The majority of U.S. citizens feel the same way. The U.S. takes in legally, more immigrants than any other nation in the world and we citizens welcome LEGAL immigrants. The reason the media always refer to the hispanic illegal immigrants is because there are a lot more of them than other races.

How do you get rid of illegal immigrants?

Illegal immigrants can be deported.

When did illegal drugs first come about?

Currently illegal drugs have been in use since time began. They were made illegal in the United States in 1912 as a way of regulating Mexican immigrants.

Where do illegal immigrants come frome?

WHere do illegal immigrants come from.

Are undocumented immigrants illegal?

yes, undocumented immigrants are illegal

Why was the Mexico-us border fence built for?

Supposedly, to prevent Mexican illegal immigrants from reaching US soil.

Is the us better off without illegal immigrants?

The US needs illegal immigrants. Many of these people are willing to do jobs that legal US citizens will not. They are extremely hardworking people and are just looking for a better life for their families.

How many people are in the US of American?

there are 304,059,724 people in the U.S. who are citizens, but there is probably more because of illegal immigrants.

Do children born in us to illegal immigrants become US citizens?

Yes. If you were born in the US then you are a US citizen.