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How can you help your husband get the help he needs and make this relationship work?


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You can't make anyone do anything they don't want to, but sometimes "shock treatment" does work. That means, that in your heart, and with your inner strength you are going to have to say to your husband, "I can't live with you this way. Either we go into this together and you get the help you need or I'm leaving." Mean it! It will take all the courage you have, but do it. Hopefully, he will be shocked enough to see what he is losing and be totally lost without you, and if it turns out this way and he seeks out help, don't go back to him right away, but just be there every so often to encourage him. Wait until you can talk to his doctor and get the OK. It doesn't matter if it's depression, drug dependency or alcohol, there is help for anyone that wants to reach out and grab it. I really admire you for standing by him, but also, don't forget yourself. If he absolutely refuses to get help then please move on and have a good life yourself. Good luck God Bless Marcy


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ANSWER: By confronting her face to face and tell her what's going on. Letting her know can make the difference if the other woman has a soul and knows how to feel a pain of betrayal. I do know that husband suppose to be the one who needs to solve your pain, but by the sound of your letter, I figure he doesn't want anything to do with it, am I right? Keep in my mind that the other woman might say, she didn't owe you no explanation because it was your husband who start the affair, which is true. Make sure all the things that you want to tell her needs to be understood. You might found out this woman might not know the real truth of your relationship with your husband.

woman should stop catering to his every needs. Once he realises your importance he will start appreciating you.

You are his wife, he needs to make time for you. If he doesn't this could become a big problem. You should confront him about it.

You should never live in a relationship that is bad. If you want the relationship to work, consider seeing a couple therapist to help make the relationship better for both people.

When you see that he wants you to be happy. When you see that he wants to commit to this relationship and make it work. When he is there for you anytime and would do anything to make you happy. Then you can tell he loves you.

Free yourself from relationship. Call for help.

If she is older offer to go and help her around her house

Talk. You have to communicate what you want from ths relationship and listen to what the other wants. Only then can you begin to understand and take on board each others needs and make things better.

no, make him legal, it will make your life alot better. \ He needs to at least become a resident alien and get a Tax Identification Number of some sort.

Mine doesn't, but if yours does then you need to tell someone and get out of that relationship. He obviously has innate issues that he needs to solve before he's ready to be in a relationship. You need to know that no girl deserves to be hit ever, ever, ever, and if you're making excuses for him, STOP, because the longer you make excuses for him the longer he's going to go without help he needs.

Forget him! Thoes qualities make a bad husband! Yetif you really do love him maybe councling or therapy could help.

Its time for YOU to make a decision. It is NOT time to ask him to make a decision. He already has. You can choose to be in a relationship of 3, or move on. END OF STORY

Friends needs help especially those with various forms of weakness. One way to help is to make sure he is comfortable, ask him/her what will make him/her comfortable and provide.

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