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Just look on the block right above the transmission or right in front of the heads and then search that number through a book or the internet.

2006-07-20 16:03:18
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Length of 1967 El Camino car?

The length of a 1967 El Camino is approx 194 inches The width is approx 72 inches

How long is a 1978 El Camino?

187 inches

Identify the scale factor if the length of a model train engine is 36 inches and the length of engine itself is 24feet?

The scale factor for a model train with a length 36 inches and the length of engine itself is 24 feet would be 1/8th. In order to answer this you will have to do a little math.

What is the wheelbase of an elcamino?

it depends on the year, i have a 1971 el camino and the wheelbase is about 116 inches.

What is the oil dipstick length for 1985 El Camino 305?

The 1985 Chevrolet El Camino dipstick length is 27 inches. The dipstick needs to be exact in order to measure the oil properly.

How many cubic inches in a 6.0 engine?

A 6.0L engine is 366.1 cubic inches.

How many cubic inches is a 6.0 gmc engine?

364 cubic inches in a 6.0L engine.

How many cubic inches is a 5o liter engine?

A 5.0L engine is 305.1 cubic inches.

Car length 1970 El Camino?

According to my manual, the wheelbase is 166 inches and the overall length of the vehicle itself is 206.8 inches (17.2 ft.). Hope this helps!

What is the cubic inches for a V engine?

varies by engine.

What is a 5.9 engine in cubic inches?

360 cubic inches

How many cubic inches is a 1200 cc engine?

A 1200 cc engine displaces about 73.2 cubic inches.

How much hp is 305 cc?

it depends if it from an el camino probably not much but if it is from like a car like a camaro it will have more to answer the guestion maybe 250-350 The question was 305cc , not 305 cubic inches (5000cc) . 305 cc is about 18.6 cubic inches So this does not refer to a car engine. This size engine as used in a snowblower usually develops 8-11 horsepower , the same size engine in a high performance motorcycle could develop 25 -50 horsepower.

Calculate the engine displacement of a six-cylinder engine when each cylinder has a diameter of 3.2 inches and a stroke length of 3.5 inches?

168.8 cubic inches

A 6 cylinder engine has a cylinder diameter of 3 inches and a stroke length of 3 inches. What is the total engine displacement in cubic inches?

B. 127

What does 351 cubic inches mean?

engine size = total cubic inches of all cylinders combined 351 cubic inches is same as 5.75 liter engine

How many cubic inches in a 355 engine?

355 cubic inches

How many cubic inches are in a 5.4L engine?

330 cubic inches

How many cubic inches is a 5.4 engine?

330 cubic inches

What is a 6.0 liter engine in cubic inches?

364 cubic inches.

What are the cubic inches of a 7.5L ford engine?

460 cubic inches

5.4 engine how many cubic inches?

330 cubic inches

How many cubic inches in a 5.4 engine?

about 330 cubic inches

How many cubic inches in a 5.3L engine?

323.43 cubic inches.

What is cubic inches of displacement?

Cubic inches of displacement in reference to a car is the volume of the cylinders in the engine in cubic inches. In most American muscle cars, part of the name refers to the displacement of the engine in cubic inches, for example the Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 has a 454 ci engine and the Oldsmobile 440 had a 440 ci engine.