How can you ignore a boy but still be nice?


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a very difficult question but it is not necessary to pay attention to all, specially in that case when you have no concern to him or to ignore him pay attention to those which are best rather than nice.

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The boy is probably just trying to be nice. Don't ignore him.

Try to be positive thinker andignore everything about him..........

Nothing, just be nice back. You can just ignore them coldly though, then they would know the friendship is over.

the boy will ignore you only if he doesn't like you back

After he has proposed to someone else, it is a safe bet that the boy is no longer interested in you.

Well, if you guys were buds, and you said no, still be really nice to him, and tell him why.

You ignore him. Tell him he is being immature as nicely as possible and then walk away. If he is someone who really cares about you he will start being nice to you again. If he doesn't, then you don't need someone like that in your life.

Ignore him or be snotty or be mean.

You can be nice or ignore them till they com to you.

It means he's a mean boy. Make friends with a nice boy instead; he'll be nice to you.

No, you shouldn't ignore your ex you can still be friends with him / her and talk to them

Accept this as a nice compliment and return it in some way, the worst thing you can do is ignore it or feel as if it's a joke, because he is just trying to show you how much you mean to him.

He doesn't ignore you, he talk's to you, hangs out, calls you. Those types of things. If he glares at you or talks bad about you, then chances are he still is.. Sorry.

Ignore it or see a hair dresser.

Just be yourself. I have boy problems too! Also, if people make fun of you, just ignore it but if its hard to ignore them, just tell them to back off.

Then that boy has no respect for girls/women and will not get very far in life... It depends...what did you? If you kicked him or hit him that wasn't very nice, but you're right it was mean of him to give you the rude finger. Just ignore him and he will get bored eventually and go away.

If it is a girl then it is nice to boys if it's a boy then it's nice to girls

u just ignore them there not worth ur friendship

you want to wear a relly nice dress

he does not like her hates her or likes her

He may be intinimidated or feel inferior to you

if a boy hates you then he'll ignore you and if a boy likes you he will sometimes bully you or if he hates you he will bully you possibilities are endless.goodluck:).!

it depends what type of boy he is if he is a boy who hangs out with all the jocks then acts and look preety but if he is a nice normal boy just be a nice girl, be urself

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