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Trying to impress a girl won't necessarily win you her heart. However, find what common interests you share with her and then exploit them with good intention. If you both like poetry, write her a poem. If you like to write, write her a letter. If you like to sing, sing her a song. If you like to dance, dance with her. Be fun, be exciting, be genuine.

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Q: How can you impress a girl without talking to her?
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How 2 impress a girl without talking?

You cant. Eventually if you 2 fall in love, youll have to talk with her.

How do you you impress a girl at school by talking?

Comment her on what she's wearing.

How do you impress a girl even if your fat?

i act like a thin energetic and talking about dreams so i can easly impress the girl which i really admire.heheheh

How can you impress the girl you like without ever seeing or talking to her outside of school?

Make an impression in school or ask her out on a date so you CAN see her outside of school

How do you impress a 14 years old girl just by talking?

If you want to impress her... show a bit of humor! Girls love guys who are funny and charming.

How do you make a guy get impressed on me who is 21 years and I am only 16 years old without talking to him?

it's pretty hard to impress someone without talking to them, perhaps you should consider talking to them.

How do you impress a girl through phone talking for the first time?

be yourself if she doesn't like you you weren't meant to be that's all a girl wants

How to impress that girl which dont love me?

when she is talking look at her eyes it is part of this phycological thing

How does a 10 year old boy impress a 10 year old girl?

They need to show the girl they care. Some ways to show that you care could be talking to her more, texting her (if they have cell phones) more, talking about things the girl likes. Be yourself. You shouldn't need to act like a different person to impress a girl. If she doesn't like you for who you are, maybe you should just be friends ;)

How to impress a girl by messages?

You can impress the girl by writing a message about how much you like and respect her.

How do you get a girl to say hi?

impress her but then how do u impress her?

How do you impress a girl at tutions?

you can impress her to show your intelligency

How do you convince a girl without talking to her?

You cant convice a girl to change her opinion about something without no communication

How do you talk to a girl in order to impress her?

Ask her what interests her first. find out what she likes and talk about that before you start talking about yourself.

How does a guy impress a girl?

To impress a girl you have got to be yourself, smile at her, be nice to her and just be sweet.

How to get a girl to go out with you who already has a boyfriend?

tell her you can treat her better then he can. over do him. impress impress impress.

A boy smiles at does loads of tricks in class and keeps talking to me does he like me.?

TOTALLY! Anytime a boy does anything to impress a girl he is totally into her!

How can impress a girl?

First of all, if you use proper English then that can impress a girl. Secondly, you impress a girl if you just be yourself, if the girl can't accept that then move on and find someone new! Good luck! :D

If a guy likes you will he stop talking to you when he is going out with another girl and he trys to impress you a lot and he makes you laugh on purpose what does this mean?

sometimes. he probably stopped talking to you because his girlfriend is jealous.

How do you let a girl know you like her without talking to her?

Just start by talking to her in a place where there's no one around

How do you attract a girl without talking without seeing?

I'm afraid that's impossible.

How do you ask a girl out without freaking out?

stay calm and try to impress her also if she says no ask someone else

How do you know a girl like me without talking?

no one likes you

How should you impress a girl who loves someone else?

say to the girl your boyfriend has been cheating on you and after impress her and ask her out simple.

How do you impress girl if i am not handsome?

1. confidence, you can impress every girl dosnt matter you are handsome or not :D

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