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Try to relax and just be yourself. Forced impressions (against what your personality is really like) shows up like a red nose on a main drunk. Smile at the person, listen to what they have to say and try to be interested in what they say. Offer suggestions if asked and just try being an all around good person. Let your own personality shine through and I'm sure you'll make a good impression. Never dramatize about events in your life to make yourself self important because that too can stick out very quickly. Also realize that you can't win everyone over (none of us can) and you have to take rejection with acceptance. Good luck Marcy

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2012-01-26 09:33:58
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Q: How can you impress people?
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People have surgery not to impress others, they do it to impress themselves, For many people, it's about getting their confidence back.

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There are lots of sentences to use impress in, like: Make sure you impress me with your flute/trumpet/saxophone/clarinet etc. etc. playing. or: This concert is really going to impress me. I like to impress people with my intelligence.

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They write to impress instead of express. They write to express and impress.

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To impress people by flexing it

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