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Do things together. Go places, just the two of you. Find a trusted relative to take care of the children if possible. If not, take them with you and enjoy THEIR excitement. Then too, sometimes we expect the excitement and passion to continue forever. Eventually marriage turns to comfort, peace and harmony. Sometimes we need to recognize that stages of life bring different emotion. Often we need to mature before we can recognize the value of that kind of relationship. To improve your marriage, you must accept the fact that all relationships are about communication. There are so many problems in marriage, like that there are too many choices, that we all have our own "private reality, that we have a lot of misconceptions about what life is all about, that we are constantly faced with having to make new problems. The basic way to achieve a better marriage is through better communication. We must learn to speak our mind, listen to the response of our partner and, if we have a different view on how to resolve a problem - and, let me assure you that this is the case in most instances - try to resolve those differences. It's all about talking things out. Of course, most of the problems in today's marriages are about money. You should consider a budget that controls the outflow of monies. If you care to read in greater detail about what you can do to improve your marriage, read Meyer's "Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters" or Gottman's "Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work."

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Q: How can you improve a boring marriage?
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