How can you improve as a learner?

Here are some ways to improve your ability to learn. Browse through the Learning Tips section for more specific hints and tips that will help you learn. * Think of life as a learning experience - every problem you encounter, from schoolwork to situations at home, will teach you ways of solving that problem. The better you get at solving problems, the more you have learned. * Approach learning as a positive thing - you learn more, and do it more easily, if you have a curious attitude. Ask questions, notice things, and look for similarities and differences between new material and things you are familiar with already. * The Multi-Pass Approach: this is a learning method that involves exposing yourself to the material many times instead of trying to "cram." Read over the material as soon as you have a chance, even if it is just for a few minutes. Look at the diagrams or math problems, flip through the textbook and look at the pictures, or investigate the classroom. The more you let your mind "percolate" on something, the better you will learn it. * Take short breaks. Studies have shown that you learn more if you take a 2-5 minute break for every 30-40 minutes of study (take a 10 minute break after every two hours). Also, studies have shown that the brain best recalls things that you study first and last - this means that shorter study sessions with breaks between will help you learn more material. * Shift Your Paradigm! This is a fancy way of saying "Change the way you look at the situation." If you are studying, change your outlook and pretend you are the teacher - design a test or lesson around what you are studying. Or pretend you are in business and have to figure out a way to advertise or illustrate this material. Anything that you do to think about the problem differently will open up new ways to learn.