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How can you improve hair growth?

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I highly recommend argan life products as main part of hair growth/hair thinning treatment.I've noticed hair thickening/growth started in only 2 weeks.Most treatments take months to see results, but I guess I'm one of the lucky one :o) be patient and wait to see best result!

2015-03-13 09:12:16
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Q: How can you improve hair growth?
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How do you use olive oil on face to improve facial hair growth?

you don't it doesn't affect hair growth

Which products have been proven to make your hair grow faster?

There are many products that have been proven to improve hair growth. Some of these hair growth products include Har Vokse, Groei360, and Healthier Regrow.

Can the use of olive oil on face result in the growth of facial hair?

Olive oil on skin will not improve hair growth. But it will clog your pores, resulting in black heads (a form of acne).

How do you improve the hair growth?

Some people swear by vitamin supplements >vitamin E and biotin

What bodily functions is not affected by metabolism?

hair growth

Is radish helpful for hair growth?

yes, Radish has been used for centuries as home remedy for many kind of skin and hair problem, you can avoid hair fall with radish juice. It will greatly improve your follicle strength and improve your skin condition too.

Does eating protein improve hair growth?

AnswerNot really. Protein deficiency can make your hair brittle, but that really can only happen if you were really limiting your calories or consuming a poorly balanced vegetarian diet. Chances are, you already get more than enough protein.To improve hair growth and strength vitamin B's are excellent. They are found in bread, pasta and rice for example.

What are some tips for faster hair growth?

There are numerous products marketed to make hair grow faster. The effectiveness of these products is questionable. Poor hair growth is experienced in poor health. Improving ones health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will support hair growth and may improve it. Keeping ones scalp clean will also help.

What is use of fersoft z?

hi , i'm using it after lunch in afternoon as prescribe by my docter to improve the quality and growth of hair.

Will aloe grow your hair?

Aloe will not cause increased hair growth, but it will moisturise and improve the condition of hair. It may, in some cases, even cause individual hairs to become thicker, creating the illusion of more hair.

Can you grow a widow's peak in your hair by shaving the finer hair on the forehead to encourage growth?

No, shaving does not encourage hair growth. Hair growth is determined by the hair follicles.

How do you encourage hair growth?

buy hair-growth shampoo

What does stimulate hair growth mean?

Stimulates hair growth vitamin A

What makes hair grow longer?

You get products from local stores to help improve your hair to me stronger, healthier and it will improve your growth. You usually find treatments that you do a few times a week which should help. I use to use one and it works excellently but not everything works for everyone.

You have no hair growth in face?

i am 27 years old male .i have no hair growth in face

Is hair growth affected by muscles?

no its vice a versa your muscle growth is affected by your hair

How do you promote hair-growth?

Wash your hair at least 2 times a day

What is the relationship between Muccopolysaccharides and hair growth?

Muccopolysaccharides are used to stimulate hair growth.

What is the treatment for hair growth?

Treatment for hair growth includes boosting biotin, cutting back on meat, professional hair growth treatments, and hair follicle rejuvenation. Hair loss can affect both men and women.

What are the best hair growth treatments?

The best hair growth treatments depend on the cost a person is willing to pay for the treatment. The best hair growth treatment is Provillus. However, the best hair growth treatment for the money you pay is Rogain.

Can humans take Bob Martin's tablets to improve the condition of their hair?

Actually, yes. It's been known to aid the growth of hair and in strengthening the immune system, makes your coat nice and shiny!

Which oil is best for hair growth in oily hair?

hi I would just like to know what can I use for hair growth.

Can corn oil be used for hair growth?

I am not sure,but I've heard that oil hair are very useful for hair growth.

What part of hair is the site of hair growth?

hair folicle

What is the structure responsible for hair growth?

Hair is composed of the strong, fibrous protein called keratin. The structure responsible for hair growth is the hair follicle.