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I too have a Win Mod 70 Featherweight that I purchased new in the late 80's (non controlled feed action). The best I have ever been able to get it to consistently shoot is about 1 1/4" and that is with certainly handloads. The skinny, lightweight barrel is really a roadblock to getting MOA accuracy.

However, if you are having trouble reaching at least 1 1/2" after all of the things you have already done, you might want to consider recrowning the barrel.

There could be a dozen causes for your 1-1/2 inch groups but it is probably not the barrel crown. You can look at the crown and tell if it is damaged. If you do not hand load, buy some Federal or Remington or Winchester 100 grain ammo and go sight in and live with what you get. Your gun is not a target rifle. 1-1/2 inches at 100 yards is 3 inches at 200 yards and is perfectly acceptable for a hunting rifle. You can't hold better than that shooting offhand anyway. If you do hand load, try a Barnes 100 grain TTSX bullet over 35.0 grains of IMR 3031 and seat the bullet to 2.830 inches OAL. Your gun probably has a 1 in 10 twist rate and that twist rate will usually not stabilize bullets over 100 grains. Stop worrying about your group size and just go shoot. If you miss, it's not the gun's fault.
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Have a can of Winchester 450LS powder Where can you obtain reloading data for this powder?

The last reloading manual I have that lists Winchester 450LS powder is the Speer number 8 manual published 1970.

Do you have reloading data for Hornady 130 gr gmx bullet for 270 Winchester?

Yes, what powder are you using?

Dose Winchester make a 30 calibersilvertip bullet?

Reloading: looking for Winchester 30 caliber .308 dia. 150gr. silver tip bullets/quanity 1000.

How much Winchester powder 231 should be used for reloading a ruger mini 14 223 cartridge?

Rather than answer your question, I have posted a link to the Winchester reloading data below. I would strongly urge you NOT to ask for relaoding data on an open forum. Anyone can answer a question here- for all you know, I am 10 years old. (I'm not- but you have no way to verify that!) Link at the bottom of this answer- and shoot safe.

Where can you find the difference burning rates pressure of the different types of gun powders?

Reloading Manuals

Reloading data for 308 Win?

The reloading data depends on the powder being used and the bullet weight. Try doing a web search for 308 reloading data and you will find lots of useful information.

Do you have reloading data for hornady leverevolution 160gr bullets for a 3030 Winchester model 94 using IMR 3031 powder?

First, for your safety please DO NOT solicit reloading data from anonymous sources on the internet. In wikianswers- anyone can answer a question- for all you know, I am 12 years old, and Mom does not know I am on the computer (I'm not- but that is beside the point) Hornady does not recommend IMR 3031 for the 160 gr FTX bullet in 30-30. This is a link to the Hornady reloading page for your caliber. PLEASE do not use reload data except that which is published by a powder company, a bullet maker, or manufacturer of reloading equipment. Safe shooting to you= C3. supervisor

What is the best pistol powder for different calibers and bullet weights you for safety and accuracy?

You will have to experiment to find out. Start with available reloading manuals

What can one buy from the website Reloading Dies?

One can buy RCBS, Hornady, and Dillon reloading dies from the Reloading Dies website. They also sell more and the categories inclue add-ons, gaming, hunting, and recreation.

How do you reload downwards in blackshot?

By Reloading It

Shooting reloading guide for 32.20 Winchester 1892 carbine mainly powder type?

Alliant's 2400 or Winchester's 296 are both good powders for the 32/20 and will cover bullet weights from 85 up to 135 grains

What cartridge with a small pistol primer would be marked WIN NT 45 AUTO?

Winchester made a 45 ACP "Non-toxic" round for indoor ranges that indeed uses a small pistol primer. It is not diserable brass for reloading.

I'm trying to locate ammunition for Winchester 22 wcf rifle?

they quit manufacturing ammo for the 22 wcf in 1936. I suggest gun shows, or for any existing ammo for sale. then reloading after you have some brass cases to work with.

What can you tell me about a Winchester 25 20 SS Serial number 91069 with a 1979 engraved on it Value of rifle Can I get ammo andor reloading supplies dies?

You have a Model 1885 Single Shot Rifle that was manufactured in late 1901 or early 1902. Factory loaded ammo was discontinued for this cartridge circa 1935. Reloading dies can be purhased from RCBS or CH4D, but they are expensive. The hardest part will be finding carrtidge cases.

How do you aim while reloading in call of duty modern warfare 2?

unfortunately you can't so if you are reloading get to cover, this will reduce the risk of you getting shot.

How do you zoom in while reloding on MW2?

You cannot zoom while reloading, but you can cancel the reload and shoot the remaining bullets(if any) by sprinting while reloading.

What are the consequences of reloading a router without saving the running configuration to the startup configuration?

It depends on model. Some models can save some data without reloading, some can't. Thus you can have partially configured router or not configured at all. But reloading is not going to damage your router.

What is the maximum effective range for a 243 caliber rifle?

The popular 243 Winchester originated as a wildcat based on the 308 Winchester brass necked down to 243 caliber, Warren Page developed the first prototype of this cartridge, it was then made available as a factory cartridge to the public by Winchester in 1955.The 243 Winchester is the first true dual purpose class of cartridges, loaded with lighter bullets it is an extremely effective varmint round, sending a 70 grain bullet out the barrel at 3,500 fps., this is enough for any varmint sized game at the 400 yard mark, however load it with 100 grain bullets at 3,000 fps. and you have an excellent deer and antelope round good for 300 yards.My own favorite bullet weight is 87 grains which serves the dual purpose of varmint and deer cartridge.The 243 Winchester is a light recoiling round which is comfortable enough for anyone to shoot, and it is inherently accurate which is a bonus to all that own a rifle chambered in this round.For a beginner just getting into the high power rifle sports the 243 Winchester round is highly recommended. Also for anyone that is recoil sensitive this is a great rifle cartridge.243 Winchester Barrel Specifications.Common Barrel Twist Rate - 1 in 10" & 1 in 9" (uncommon) 1 in 12".Bore Groove Diameter - .243"243 Winchester Reloading Specifications.Bullet Diameter - .243"Maximum Case Length - 2.045"Trimmed Case Length - 2.035"Primer Size - Large Rifle243 Winchester Loading Data Hints.The 243 Winchester most common barrel twist rate is 1 in 10" but if you have one with a twist rate of 1 in 9" or 1 in 9 1/2" then you'll find that the 243 will give its best bullet performance using 100 grain bullets with slower burning powders like I.M.R.4831 powder.243 Winchester Reloading Data.Hodgdon Reloading Data Center.243 Winchester Reloading Dies.RCBS Full Length Die Set, 243 Winchester.243 Winchester Shell Holder.RCBS #3 Shell Holder For 243 Winchester.243 Winchester Bullets..243 (diameter) Bullets, by Sierra, Barnes, Hornady, Nosler.243 Winchester Unprimed Brass.Winchester and Remington Bulk Unprimed Rifle Shellcases, 243 Winchester.243 Winchester Ammunition.Hornady, Remington, Winchester, 243 Winchester ammunition.243 Winchester Rifles.New Browning, Remington, Winchester .243 Winchester rifles here.243 Winchester Trajectory and Hunting Applications.This is a down range trajectory chart for the 243 Winchester cartridge with the scope mounted 1.5 inches above the bore center line plus if you were using this load, its effective hunting bullet energy range with well placed shots on,Varmint / Predator size game, such as Bobcat, Cougar, Coyote.Deer size game, such as Antelope, Blacktail, Hogs, Javelina, Mule, Whitetail.Elk size game, such as Caribou, Black Bear, Sheep.Moose size game, such as Brown Bear.Bullet diameter .243"Bullet weight 100 grainsBullet ballistic coeffecient .376Bullet velocity 3,100 feet per secondRange100 yds.200 yds.300 yds.400 yds.500 yds.++ 1.50- 6.8- 19.9- 40.71788148612281009825Varmint++++++Deer+++---Elk------Moose------

What is gunppwder good for?

Reloading, fire starting, etc..

Do you have reloading data for hornady 230gr bullets using power pistol powder?

Google Alliant Powder on first page click on VIEW THE GUIDE there is the list for reloading.

What does the cowboy slang 'reloading outfit' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This was a funny way of describing your eating utensils. You were reloading yourself instead of your gun.

How do you reload ammunition?

Go to the RCBS reloading die website.

How much gun powder do you use?

Whatever the reloading manual has in it.

What does it mean when you get kicked for clipping in combat arms?

reloading to much.

Who makes 765 cal pistol bullet?

No one that I've heard of. Now, a 7.65mm bullet is a different story. Numerous makers of ammunition and components for reloading are out there. Do an internet search.

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