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Take your hamster to the vet to make sure that it does not have an infection and to make sure that everything else is okay with it. I wish you luck:) God Bless:)

2006-07-22 04:40:21
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Will kittens eat hamsters?

If the kitten gets the chance, yes.

Can hamsters eat parsnips?

Hamsters can eat parsnips, but there's a good chance that if you try to feed it to your hamster, it won't eat it.

Will the male eat the babie hamsters?

Its a most likely chance he will, I had hamsters and he did eat the momma cause she was pregnet so yes probably he will.

You walked in your room and your hamsters were mating is she going to be pregnant?

There is a good chance that she will be.

Do hamsters get scurvy?

There is a very low chance; the are vitamin E deficient

What animal likes to eat hamsters?

A cat would if it got the chance and also ferrets and dogs, but as hamsters are domestic they wouldn't really be able to.

What will happen if your hamster has babies and when they are 1 mouth old you don't seperat them what will happen?

That would depend on the sex of the hamsters. At 5 weeks old hamsters can have puppies of her own. There is a chance that the babies will get pregnant and also a chance that they will fight.

What are hamsters friends?

Hamsters are very antisocial animals they do not live with each other or most other animals. Dwarf hamsters can live together but there is still a small chance they will turn against each other.

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The correct spelling of the adverb is coincidentally(happening together or subsequently, by sheer chance).

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What can hamsters live well with?

Campbells Dwarf Hamster have the best chance of living together. Sometimes Robos. Syrians HAVE to live alone, as with Winter Whites and Chinese Hamsters.

Can you place male and female Syrian hamsters if they dont fight?

Yes you can but there is a chance that the female will get pregnant.

How do you improve the chance of having a baby girl?

There are no proven methods.

What mutations improve an organism's chance for survival and reproduction?

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What are traits that improve an organism's chance of survival called?

Don know

What are traits that improve an organisms chance for survival?

its color and its body parts

Can mutation improve an organism's chances for survival?

yes mutations can improve their chance of survival by tracing the offspring back to its abnormal genes

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Practice for at least an hour every chance you have.

Why is it important to follow the cardiac chain of survival?

it helps improve the chance of survival

If a hamster has babies can it die?

Yes, the hamster can die. Hamsters do not always die when giving birth, however, so don't be too scared! Hamsters breed to continue the hamster society. There is about a 50% chance they will not survive.

Why are the Olympics held only every four years?

to give athletes a chance to improve

Do you separate babies hamsters and mother hamsters from other hamsters?

it is a very good idea t because the babes are much smaller than the other hamster if u don't separate them from other hamsters its a good chance they might eat them. but u don't have to separate them from the mother cuz they need her to be taken care of. but if a baby hamster died after it was born the mother might eat it.

How do you know if your dwarf hamster is pregnat?

Well, its just like seeing about the bigger hamsters. All you have to do is look at it everyday and see if there is a change in the belly and if it is in a cage wither dwarf hamsters it has a goo d chance of being pregnant.

Can a rabbit and a hamster get along on the first day?

Rabbits and hamsters should not be kept together. There is a good chance the rabbit will kill the hamster.

How do hamsters go blind?

Hamsters have naturally bad eyesight, but there isn't a massive chance of them developing blindness, although if your hamster seems to be confused or it's eyes seem glazed over or are leaving a discharge take it to a vet immediately.