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  • Omega 3 oil capsules help improve the memory and eating oil rich fish such as salmon and tuna also help. Remember to drink the minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. Your brain is nearly all water and needs proper hydration to work properly.
  • Along with nutrition, you need to understand how your memory works. Your mind isn't built to remember abstract information, it is built to deal with images, feelings, sounds, smells, etc... There are great systems that can teach you to turn information into images, which are easy to memorize and retain. You can remember anything, with the right skill and training.
  • Great memory is a skill that can be developed with training. You can take a memory improvement course that not only teaches memorization techniques, but also focuses on developing the skills necessary to memorize quickly and efficiently.
  • There are a myriad of helps available to better utilize your memory, both in general, and in specific applications. Mnemonic Devices can be used to remember anything from names and phone numbers to foreign words, mathematical formulas, and complex terminology.
  • When you have something you need to remember, try linking it to something familiar:
  • If you meet someone named Jack, you could imagine him tumbling down a hill with Jill.
  • If you need to learn the Spanish word for dog, you could imagine a pair o'(pair of) dogs playing cards. (Perro)
  • If you need to remember SOH CAH TOA for trigonometry, you can think of 'Some Old Hippie Caught A High Tripping On Acid', or think of Sohcahtoa, Sacajawea's grand-daughter.
  • You can search for 'mnemonic devices' or 'mnemonic aids/helps/tips' along with your area of study to find help. You can also seek a training program for improving your memory.
  • Nutrition and physical health are also very important to healthy brain function. Make sure you stay hydrated, eat healthy foods, and get proper rest and exercise.
  • Avoid excess stress. The gluco-corticoids produced by your body under stress can stimulate your memory for exams and tests, but prolonged exposure can cause damage and aging to your hippocampus, and other areas of your brain/body.
  • Get enough sleep. Starting and ending your day right is also very helpful - that you get by sleeping properly. If you have sleeping problems, try gadgets to help you sleep, do not take prescription drugs.
  • Memory is like a muscle that can be trained to become stronger. Just like you do physical training at the gym, you can do mental gymnastics with crosswords puzzles, mental games, etc. You need to also augment this with a good diet and other healthy habits such as regular exercise, managing stress and a good night's sleep!

Provided the computer's motherboard has spare slots and is capable of using added memory, you can add more memory stick(s). has a system scanner (free) that will tell you what type of memory stick to use and whether the motherboard can take any more RAM.
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Q: How can you improve your memory?
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Can spinach improve your memory?

Yes, it can improve your memory because it has a lot of vitamin B! :D

What types of mental exercises improve working memory?

Meditation, memory verses and riddles are some examples of the mental exercises that improve the working memory.

How do you improve memroy?

You can improve your memory by playing certain games that exercise your memory such as matching. You memory is a muscle like any other and needs to be exercised to become stronger. is a good website for games to improve your memory, though you need to pay for many of the games. Also, getting the right amount amount of sleep can drastically improve your memory.

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Increasing VRAM video memory will improve in which computer uses?

Where can I find more information on improve memory?

You can go to a website on how to improve your memory. You can also do puzzles like crossword and math puzzles that have been proven to help your memory.

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Does doing a crossword puzzle improve memory?

Many physicians suggest that doing crosswords and other puzzles are good ways to improve your memory. The Ninetendo DS and iPod Touch have similar programs designed to help improve memory.

How Can you Improve your memory tips?

you can improve your memory easy by purchasing the ds lite and then the game called brain training, this has helped my memory alot hope this helps. x x

Can you train yourself to have a photograpic memory?

No. It is possible to improve your memory, but it's impossible to train a photographic memory.

What is the best way to improve your memory?

The best way to improve your memory is to do memorization exercises, such as trying to remember a specific set of words or images.

Can mnemonics improve memory?

Mnemonics don't improve memory, they help you to use what you have more efficiently. They are a trick to help you remember things faster.

How to improve memory?

There are 3 basic steps to improving your memory. But I can't remember what they are.

How did virtual memory management improve computing?

by making is better in memory managment

How do you improve knowledge and memory?

there several ways to improve your knowledge and memory. One of them is reading as much as you can. Atleast read a book a day . Reading is a very vital ingredient in knowledge and memory improvement.

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Does blueberry juice improve memory?

Yes it does

What can you do to improve a printers performance?

increase the memory

What are some memory care tips?

There are many different things you can do to improve your memory. Brain puzzles and exercises are great for your memory.

Why does moving your jaw improve memory?

It doesn't - where did you read that?

What are three methods of treating psychosis?

improve memory

What can I do to improve my memory?

There are many types of exercises that can help to improve a person's memory. Also, improving one's health by getting enough exercise and sleep can aid in helping one to improve their memory. Making sure that you do not over emphasize the importance of memory is also important: no one can remember everything, and it is unrealistic to expect that from yourself. Make time for friends and fun, and perhaps find some games that you all can participate in to improve memory! This will keep you motivated and enjoying your self improvement!

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maybe play some memory games perhaps.

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Memory foam was originally made to improve the safety of aircraft cushions for astronauts.

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reading articles, watching tv.